Company History

The nursery entrance under construction in 2001
The same entrance as it looks today
The additional new reservoir under construction in 2008
The new field that we purchased in January 2008
New Area's P & Q ready for trees in October 2008

Majestic Trees opened for business in May 2002 after over two years of careful planning, construction and growing-on of its trees. Majestic hit the ground running, quickly establishing ourselves in the industry as a ‘nursery to watch' to the point that in less than six years our peers awarded us not only the UK's 2008 ‘Nursery Stock Grower of the Year' award, but also the very prestigious overall 2008 ‘Ornamental Grower of the Year' award. We were the youngest company to ever win this award, bestowed by an independent panel of industry experts who consider the quality of what the candidate grows, the professionalism of its staff, the excellence of its services, etc.

The key to this success is the passion for excellence that is the ethos of Majestic Trees. Steve McCurdy, the MD, has over 30 years of industry experience both in the UK where he studied and worked when younger and then for 18 years in California. Whilst in California, Steve and Janet, his wife, built a very successful interior landscape company that won a total of 93 national and state-wide awards in 14 years partly as a result of their vision, but most importantly due to the high calibre of the team who consistently delivered above and beyond customer expectations. Steve and Janet's company in California landscaped and maintained many celebrity residences in the entertainment and business world, prestigious hotels and high profile commercial buildings. When they decided to move back home to the U.K. in 2000, they subsequently sold the US business to partially fund this new UK operation, where this same commitment and passion has been devoted to building Majestic Trees into the success it is today.

As in California, the team has been crucial to the company's success with very little staff turnover due to employee satisfaction and above industry standard pay. In fact some key members of the team have been with Majestic Trees since the beginning and today serve in capacities such as Sales Manager (Sara Phillips) and Marketing and Business Development Manager (Christina Jones), performing key roles in building Majestic Trees reputation. They and the rest of the exceptional team bring a tremendous amount of experience and training to the company, and in fact over 50% of Majestic Tree employees are college or university trained in Horticulture from National Diploma (a three year course) to MA/MSc levels.

The nursery site when we bought it, wet and boggy
Building the original offices

Things took off quickly from our initial opening in May 2002, and by autumn 2002 we were pressing ahead with the development of the remaining 3 acres of our 12½ acre site. In 2004 we built a new production shed, offices, staff canteen and toilet block in the Old English cart-shed style to complement the office building built in 2001. As the business continued to grow we found acreage our biggest limitation and in January 2008, after a record 38% growth the previous year, we managed to purchase the adjoining 6½ acres to further expand our nursery.

At the same time we have continued to build and improve our team, attracting excellent horticulturalists from other nurseries to ensure that we continue to exceed customers' expectations. We built our second 4,500,00 irrigation reservoir for rainwater harvesting and have now developed most of this additional site, although it will be years before every detail is complete. We will continue to strive for improvements in every area because we are highly committed, as a small family business, to providing Quality, Service and Professionalism that is second to none.

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