Environmental Policy

Majestic Trees incorporates the highest environmental standards in all its planning and investments.

Our vehicles are amongst the cleanest and most environmentally friendly in the country.

Over the past 18 months we have invested almost £250,000 in 4 new low emissions lorries, 3 of which we upgraded to Euro 5 engines, which are the cleanest and most environmentally friendly on the market. This standard far exceeds the requirement of any UK city, including London, for low emissions. In fact, under current legislation our lorries are 10 years ahead of their time, producing dramatically less pollution than the current standard.

We harvest rainwater to irrigate our trees

Reservoir_smallRather than rely on mains water to irrigate our trees, we have invested over £95,000 to build two reservoirs which enable us to harvest rainwater from the 26 acre hillside. The water is then pumped around the nursery in a carefully controlled injector irrigation system, a highly efficient irrigation system with virtually no waste of water.


We clean our vehicles and equipment with a closed-loop water recycling system to conserve water and prevent any groundwater contamination

waste2water_smallIn 1991 the Water Resources Act made it a criminal offence (the penalty for infringement is imprisonment of up to three months and/or a fine of up to £20,000.00), to "cause or knowingly permit poisonous, noxious or polluting substances or solid waste matter to enter any controlled waters." We are fortunate to have a protected river running through our nursery, and want to take good care of it, so we have invested over £20,000 in a Waste2Water system. This system takes the wastewater that we use to wash our trucks, nursery and planting machinery and recycles it, cleaning it by using the Waste2Water closed loop recycling system which removes any risk of groundwater contamination.

We grow our trees in Air-pots, which are made from recycled materials, are used and reused for up to 10 seasons, and then sent for recycling again.

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