Fleet and Planting Machinery

You may not have much of an interest in big machines, but when it comes to moving mature trees, they sure do come in useful! We are the best equipped tree nursery or tree planting service in the UK if not continental Europe, so we never have to compromise in how we handle our trees or have to take risks to get the job done. Nor do we ask you to figure out what equipment you will need, where to find it or how to get that special tree you want into your project. Therefore, you can trust your advisor to select the correct equipment for a flawless finish.

However, those of you who DO have an interest in machinery will appreciate the sophistication of the equipment we use, many of which have been customised for installation of large trees.

Contractors and professional customers, in particular, may find this page useful, as you may have some of the machines which will be required for planting already available on site, but may be interested in hiring our specialist machines to get larger trees in place without damage such as our tracked crane (i.e. the Morooka).




We own 5 of these in various sizes. We have 3 JCB Micro Excavators that can, if necessary, go through a space as small as a standard house door. Therefore, they fit into most projects, although we do hand dig, often with the aid of one of our hydraulic JCB compressors with a hydraulic gun and clay spade. We also own a zero tail-swing JCB8025 excavator which is excellent for our medium to large projects. Our largest excavator is our JS130, which is 13 ton with a 2.75m wide bucket, running on steel tracks and our smaller diggers run on rubber tracks.

JCBJS130 on drag

Rubber Tracked Skid Steers


We own three. Two of them are micro Vermeer S800TX that can move trees up to 600 ltr and are only 1.05m wide. A great low-pressure ground tool for moving trees, soil, grading and tidying up. Last, our largest, JCB 1110 Robot, weights 4.5 tons and moves trees of 1.5-2 tons, again with minimal ground pressure. It has various attachments and is 2m wide.

Telescopic Forklifts
We own seven of these:

manitou truck_mounted_forklift_small

We operate four of these piggy-back, truck mounted forklifts, so that you do not have to tear your hair out figuring how you will get your news trees off the truck. One is the latest extra wide, long wheel based TMT27S that lifts well over 3 tons, plus three more Manitou TMT25.20SR truck-mounted telescopic fork lift, all 2.55m wide. They lift in the region of 3 tons and each hang on the back of our large rigid and artic units. No additional trailer, and therefore no delivery charge, is required to bring them to site if your trees come on an artic or large rigid unit.


Next is the new designed JCB550-80 that can move the largest trees we grow, including our 5,000 litre, 12+ meter tall trees! With sway control, smooth ride and many new features, it is the state of the art in moving big trees.


Additionally, our JCB530-70 Farm Special Telescopic Forklift, lifts about 4 tons and has 4-wheel drive. It is 2.25 meters wide and has a 7m boom (machine is 5.4m long+). It can easily put a tree over a 2 meter high wall.


Last, the JCB520-40 is a miniature of our larger fork lift and lifts approximately 2.5 tons and is approx 1.75 meters wide. Both of these tele-handlers require the rigid and drag to transport to site, which will be at additional expense.

Avant 635


We have other pieces of equipment that we would normally never bring off the nursery to a project, but there might be the occasional reason to bring our Avant. It is a wheeled machine that is articulated and lifts up to 1.1 tons in weight.

Rubber Tracked Dumper with Crane


This fantastic piece of kit is the envy of our competitors and by far the best machine for wet conditions, the Morooka MST800VD, which is on rubber tracks and ensures negligible damage to your site. However, even in dry times it ensures that little if any marking are left behind on your lawn due to the ultra-light ground pressure it produces of .16kg/cm2. A person in their boots would do far more damage! It is fitted with a Cormach 12000-E2 crane so we not only use it to move the muck away on or off site, but also moving your specimen trees on site from the road to the hole and placing therein. We are the only tree planting company in the UK that has this custom piece of equipment which our peers awarded the horticulture industries prestigious ‘Technical Product of the Year’ in 2009. This machine weighs over 7 tons, so it does require the rigid and drag to move it to site. Worth its weight in gold in the worst conditions, it carries in excess of 4.3 tons and is 2.3m wide.We have various other pieces of specialist custom-built equipment to enable us to get the job done. When necessary, we also hire various equipment such as cranes, which are quoted and charged at cost.



We operate a mixture of different size lorries to transport your trees and equipment, as needed, to site. Furthermore, we are currently investing heavily in the latest low-emission Euro IV and V lorries to reduce harmful emissions into the environment. They are:

DAF CF85 Artic, 410 bhp, with truck-mounted Manitou telescopic fork lift (16.8m long (18.4 with Manitou) x 2.6m wide)

DAF CF85 Artic, 410 bhp, with truck-mounted Manitou telescopic fork lift (16.8m long (18.4 with Manitou) x 2.6m wide)

This artic operates a mixed fleet of curtainsider trailers and carries one of the Manitou truck-mounted forklifts on the back. We have 2 x 45 foot long trailers that are 14.6 tall and have sliding roofs and lifting roofs so that very large trees can be craned in and out of the roof. We also have one shorter 30 foot trailer for jobs with more difficult access that also comes with the Manitou, but it doesn’t have a sliding roof. This unit is the latest environmentally friendly Euro 5 low emissions engine, and carries the license plate number GRO 4CER. (Grow Acer)

DAF CF85 Rigid, 360 bhp, Curtainsider 26 ton (10.25m long (11.85m with Manitou) x 2.6m wide)


This truck is one of our main tree installation units that carry a crew of 3 and all the equipment we could need on site, including a Manitou truck-mounted fork lift. As needed it can tow our 18 ton beavertail trailer to transport a mixture of equipment including our largest 13 ton excavator to site. This low-loader drag is 7.25m long x 2.55m wide (7.1m carrying deck) for a total length of 18.5 mtrs. This unit is also complies with the latest Euro 5 emission standards, and carries the license plate number GRO 7REE. (Grow Tree)

DAF LF55 Rigid, 220 bhp, Curtainsider 18 ton (10.25m long (11.85m with Manitou) x 2.6m wide)


This truck is also one our tree installation units that carries a crew of 3 and all the equipment it needs, together with a Manitou TMT truck-mounted fork lift. This unit also complies with the latest Euro 5 emission standards and carries the license plate number GRO 8RCH. (Grow Birch)<

DAF LF45 Rigid, 160 bhp, Curtainsider/Beavertail 7.5 ton (8m long x 2.6m wide).


This truck is our latest light installation trucks, that not only carries trees, but with its beavertail is designed to carry medium sized equipment and carries the license plate number GRO 4BES. (Grow Abies).

DAF LF45 Euro 6 engine, 7.5 ton truck x 2


We operate two of these trucks which look like twins, and are the smallest truck we operate which are good at getting into tight spaces. It can carry the smallest JCB micro digger as well as the tracked Vermeer and is only 12’ tall and has a long 20’ box, and typically can handle trees up to 200 litre. They carry the license plates GRO 7 ELM and GRO 4LDR.

Toyota Hilux AfterCare Truck


This custom built truck is designed to fully support the experienced horticulturist providing our AfterCare service. It is equipped with three spraying/drenching tanks each with spring loaded 50 meter spray lines, a watering tank along with all the tools and equipment required.


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