Automatic Irrigation

Water TimerWater Timer

If hand watering is not practical, if you have too many trees to effectively manage by hand watering, or you simply want the peace of mind to being able to go away during the summer for a weekend or holiday without worrying about your trees, an automatic irrigation system may be the best solution. Our surface mounted system is inexpensive compared to a below ground system and is designed to last 2-3 years while your tree becomes established.

Soaker HoseSoaker Hose

All we need is a tap that can be hooked up to the system not too far away from the area to be irrigated. A timer device is fitted at the tap, which connects to a hose, which connects to a soaker hose placed around your tree(s). Flower beds can be included in the system if desired. Our horticultural advisors can assist you on configuration and costs if you are interested.

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