Trade Registration

If you are a horticultural professional who routinely buys, sells, or specifies horticultural material, we warmly invite you to register as a trade customer. Trade registration is quite straightforward, usually just requiring a website address or two trade references to verify your status.

Beyond the customary benefits of trade registration, you will be able to instantly access professional stock availability and pricing online, not just as a downloadable stock list, but also fully integrated throughout the website.

The easiest way to register is to simply create a My Majestic account, ticking the ‘trade user’ box as you do so. Approval is usually within 1-2 business days. Meanwhile, you can start using your My Majestic account on standard settings; any favourites will be retained when the settings convert to professional status.

Already have a My Majestic (non-professional) account? Complete the form below using the same email address and your account settings will automatically convert to professional status upon approval, usually within 1-2 days. Any items in your favourites list will be retained.

Alternatively, you are most welcome to apply in person at the nursery, or pdfdownload a pdf version here for posting.

** Please provide either a company web address or 2 trade references in the form below.

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We’ve updated our Privacy Statement.

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If you have trouble completing this form online please email or call the office.

To download a PDF copy of the Trade Registration form pdfClick Here

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