A splendid, airy, fast-growing, bushy evergreen tree for a conservatory, greenhouse or a very sheltered garden ...

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Sweet buckeye

Deciduous. A broadly round to conical, large, dense crowned tree with fanshaped deeply lobed leaves. Bears ye ...

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Erman's Birch

A graceful, vigorous tree renowned for its creamy-white and pinkish bark, attractive in all seasons but taking ...

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Sweet gum

A very handsome tree with starry summer foliage, warm autumn tones of orange yellow and purple, and curious li ...

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Sweet gum

Deciduous. A beautiful tree with maple-like leaves. The corky bark is attractive but its main glory is in autu ...

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Cucumber tree

A vigorous species growing into a large, spreading tree, conical when young. Unlike most of this genus, Magno ...

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Himalayan pine

An elegant, large, broad-headed conical tree, retaining its lowest branches when isolated. Long, soft, blue-gr ...

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Mauri oak

This broadly columnar tree will get to a height of 20-25m and 5-7m wide. Q. 'Mauri' is a cross between Q. rub ...

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Scarlet oak

A large oak with rugged fissured bark and dark green foliage which turns a startling scarlet in autumn with le ...

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Pin oak

Few oaks can withstand flooding and wet ground as well as this species. The bark is smooth and dark grey, even ...

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White oak

Similar in structure to the English oak, the White oak (or Downy oak) derives its name from the downy undersid ...

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Red oak

Quercus rubra is a fast growing, upright tree usually with a single straight stem and a huge billowing top. Th ...

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