Nordmann fir

A stately, moderately-fast growing, large to very large tree with tiered branches sweeping downwards. Better k ...

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Noble Fir

Evergreen. A large sized conical conifer with short, bright blue-grey needles. Provides beautiful contrast in ...

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Erman's Birch

A graceful, vigorous tree renowned for its creamy-white and pinkish bark, attractive in all seasons but taking ...

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Incense cedar

Native to western US, the Incense cedar is widely planted in many temperate regions. This slow-growing tree, h ...

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Atlas cedar

A picturesque ornamental conifer, pyramidal in youth, whose spreading branches create a characterful draping e ...

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Blue Atlas Cedar

Evergreen. Medium-sized with beautiful silvery-blue leaves. One of the most spectacular of all blue conifers. ...

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Blue Atlas Ceder

Renowned for its magnificent size, expansive boughs and vivid blue foliage, the Blue Atlas Cedar is an excelle ...

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Cyprus cedar

A quite rare species which is somewhat similar to Cedrus libani in habit but with shorter needles and a smalle ...

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Deodar cedar

A large, spreading ornamental conifer whose branches droop gracefully at the tips. The blue-green foliage pro ...

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Golden deodar

Evergreen. A stately tree with spreading branches, pendant at the tips, creating a cascading effect with incr ...

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Cedar of Lebanon

Perhaps the most iconic tree of churches, cathedrals, and other heritage spaces. Pyramidal when young, but de ...

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Norway spruce

One of our classic christmas tree species, the Norway spruce is a large, fast-growing evergreen coniferous tre ...

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