Norway Maple

Deciduous. A small tree which naturally forms a surprisingly uniform, dense spherical crown. Autumn colour is ...

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Siberian dogwood

The Siberian dogwood brings a wonderful splash of colour to the winter garden with its bright, almost luminous ...

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Yellow hazel

This cultivar is the perfect choice if you want the classic hazel look but still looking for that little extra ...

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Japanese spindle

These shrubs are hardy little plants, able to withstand both harsh winters and hot summers. Their evergreen fo ...

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Japanese privet

A compact, very small sized evergreen tree with camellia-like foliage of shining olive-green which bears large ...

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Chinese privet

Small evergreen to semi-evergreen tree with glossy, ovate leaves mottled with light green and edged with cream ...

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Cherry laurel

'Mano' is an interesting laurel with smaller leaves than most cultivars. As it matures it naturally grows into ...

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Cherry laurel

'Novita' is a fairly new cherry laurel cultivar. It is similar in habit to the species but has been found to b ...

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Cut-leaved stag's horn sumach

A striking, female form similar to the species but with deeply incised leaflets, creating a fern-like effect. ...

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Coral bark willow

This colourful cultivar of willow is a wondeful firecracker in the winter garden. As it is the new shoots whic ...

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Dragon's claw willlow

An intregueing upright, female clone with much-twisted and contorted branches and twigs. Handsome in season bu ...

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Japanese fantail willow

This willow, as the name suggests, originates from Japan and is highly treasured for its elegant, lance-like l ...

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