Bronze holly olive

'Purpureus' is very similar to the species, sharing it's dense, holly-like appearance; however, the young foli ...

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Holly olive

A delightful little plant, reaching only 1.5m, bearing intriguing variegated leaves. The evergreen, lance-like ...

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Originally from the Himalayas, this interesting and unusual shrub is unfortunately seldom seen in gardens. The ...

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A vigorous evergreen shrub from Asian and North America with dark glossy green leaves and brilliant red young ...

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Closely related to Spiraea, the ninebark is noted for its exfoliating bark (on mature branches) which peels in ...

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Ornamental cherry

Deciduous. A dreamy floaty little tree probably at its best as a multi-stem but also grown as a standard. Sem ...

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Apple blossom cherry

The Japanese name means 'celestial river', which aptly describes this rigidly narrow upright tree. When covere ...

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Ornamental cherry

One of the most popular and widely planted of the flowering cherries, producing large, double, pink candy-flos ...

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Weeping cherry

The Japanese name means 'weeping chrysanthemum cherry'. The analogy is seen in the 3cm deep pink, double flowe ...

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Ornamental cherry

A hybrid between Prunus subhirtella 'Ascendens Rosea' and Prunus x yedoensis. It has the upright habit of the ...

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Cherry - Ornamental

Deciduous. A purple-leafed flowering cherry producing double, shell pink flowers in spring. Best in full sun. ...

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Ornamental Cherry

A very small flowering cherry with increasingly wide-spreading branches, ultimately forming a vase shape, or e ...

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