Japanese maple

A stunning species from bud break to leaf fall. In spring the palmate leaves unfold bright peach to yellow-red ...

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Freeman's maple

Deciduous. A beautiful tree that will reach a height of 12m plus, grown mainly for its striking rich red autum ...

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A small sized tree of dense, upright habit. Spring blossom is set amongst the bronzy new foliage, pink in bud ...

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Himalayan birch

Probably the most well known of the white stemmed birches, renowned for its startlingly white bark. In contra ...

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Japanese cornel

This lovely little tree is a true spring delight. Clusters of small yellow flowers emerge on bare on naked twi ...

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Japanese privet

A compact, very small sized evergreen tree with camellia-like foliage of shining olive-green which bears large ...

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Sweet gum

Deciduous. A beautiful tree with maple-like leaves. The corky bark is attractive but its main glory is in autu ...

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This elegant magnolia is a hybrid using Magnolia x veitchii and Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra'. The oval crown, w ...

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This handsome cultivar has lovely white, scented flowers on bare branches in spring followed by spectacular bl ...

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A petite magnolia, maturing to 3m (10 feet), with a handsome broadly-habit bearing gorgeous goblet-shaped crea ...

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Crab apple

The pale pink flowers of 'Red Obelisk' open in early May accompanied by the lush, youthful bronze-green foliag ...

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Apple - Crab

A tree of rather upright habit with attractive, taper-pointed, glossy dark purple leaves which turn a beautifu ...

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