A splendid, airy, fast-growing, bushy evergreen tree for a conservatory, greenhouse or a very sheltered garden ...

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Japanese maple

This cultivar is a true delight in spring time. The leaves, as they unfold, are yellowish-orange margined with ...

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Rough-barked Maple

Deciduous. A very rare, slow-growing small tree with characteristic pale grey-brown, flaking bark. Leaves trif ...

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Corkscrew hazel

This curious species of hazel was found in a hedgerow in Frocester, Gloucestershire in 1863. It is easily spot ...

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Winged spindle tree

One of the finest and most reliable shrubs for autumn colour, turning an eye-popping crimson-pink. Curious red ...

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Spindle tree

An attractive shrub with arching branches and dark green leaves. Small, insignificant flowers give way to deli ...

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Japanese spindle

These shrubs are hardy little plants, able to withstand both harsh winters and hot summers. Their evergreen fo ...

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Sea buckthorn

A very hardy species, capable of tolerating rough maritime conditions and drought. Normally it grows into an i ...

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European crab apple

This lovely native can be found growing all across Europe, from Scandinavia to Spain, Greece and south west As ...

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Cherry laurel

'Novita' is a fairly new cherry laurel cultivar. It is similar in habit to the species but has been found to b ...

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Cork oak

The cork oak, native to southern Europe and North Africa, was in cultivation long before its introduction to t ...

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English yew

A hardy, slow-growing, dignified and extremely long-lived conifer with short, deep green 'needles' which produ ...

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