Norway maple

Deciduous. 'Crimson Sentry' is a distinctive cultivar which arose as a stunted sport on 'Crimson King' in Oreg ...

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Italian cypress

Pencil-thin and conical, reaching heights of perhaps 30 ft tall in maturity, this cultivar is highly valued f ...

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Maidenhair Tree

Deciduous. Picturesque with emerald green fan-shaped leaves which turn golden yellow starting in November. Upr ...

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Maidenhair Tree

This cultivar, often graften upon a standard, is a dwarf form of the Maidenhair Tree. With it's compact, sligh ...

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Rocky Mountain juniper

A spectacular form of extremely narrow columnar habit. Originally found as a seedling in the wild, this errect ...

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Sweet Gum

As the name suggests this graceful tree of narrow habit, only growing to 2 meters in diameter making it for th ...

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Apple blossom cherry

The Japanese name means 'celestial river', which aptly describes this rigidly narrow upright tree. When covere ...

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Pin oak

Discovered in a mass planting of Q. palustris 'Crownright' seedlings in 1994, 'Green Pillar' also known as 'Pr ...

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Oak - hybrid

This rare hybrid between Quercus robur (English oak) x Quercus bicolor (Swamp white oak) bears attractive, dar ...

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Coast redwood

For drama it is hard to beat the Coast redwood. The fissured, red-brown bark, narrow, sky-scraping habit and d ...

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Evergreen. A yew of erect habit, forming a dense compact column of closely packed branches. New growth is a ...

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This cultivar is similar to its parent 'Fastigiata' but with a slightly more firm upright shape. The needles a ...

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