Field Maple

Our native field maple, grown widely in rural gardens and native woodland plantings. More compact than most m ...

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Maple - Japanese

This maple radiates regal and colourful beauty. Delicate, lace-like leaves decorate the graceful, arching bran ...

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Our native Alder carries the torch for summer throughout the dark days of winter. It is one of the last to dr ...

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Silver birch

A native, graceful tree with an airy, semi-transparent crown. Branches arch and then droop at the ends to giv ...

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Downy birch/White birch

Native to northern Europe and Russia, this handsome birch can withstand even the most bitter cold of the sub-a ...

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Common box

Evergreen. A bushy rounded shrub with glossy dark green leaves which are notched at the tips. Hardy. Slow gro ...

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Common hornbeam

One of Britain's 'big three' native heritage species, keeping company with the Beech and Oak, and perhaps outs ...

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Common hawthorn

Our native hedgerow species of Hawthorn, extensively planted in the UK as hedging, and increasingly as a shrub ...

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Common beech

Rivalled only by the English Oak in heritage and stature, our native Beech matures to a magnificant specimen t ...

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English holly

The native form of English Holly, grown for its versatility, resiliency, and natural beauty. Ilex aquifolium ...

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European crab apple

This lovely native can be found growing all across Europe, from Scandinavia to Spain, Greece and south west As ...

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Scots pine

A large relatively fast-growing conifer notable for its steely blue/green foliage and rugged character. Ideal ...

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