Japanese maple

A vigorous, large shrub with deep red-purple foliage in summer. Similar to but with a more transparent leaf t ...

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Japanese maple

An elegant, wide-spreading shrub or shorter tree with beautiful arching branches and delicate, laciniate leave ...

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Deciduous. A small, gracefully spreading tree which produces clusters of deep magenta flowers on dark, bare st ...

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Eastern redbud

As the name suggests this exquisite redbud has a lovely weeping habit, creating a gorgeous cascade of colour. ...

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Purple-leaved filbert

A very small upright tree or large shrub producing purple-tinged catkins in late winter, followed by deep purp ...

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Smoke tree

This colourful cultivar bears deep purple leaves which take on a lovely red tone in autumn. The tiny yellow fl ...

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Weeping purple beech

This cultivar of beech is a superb, small, weeping tree with dark leaves. Usually top-worked to make a small m ...

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Apple - Crab

A tree of rather upright habit with attractive, taper-pointed, glossy dark purple leaves which turn a beautifu ...

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Crab apple

Deciduous. Purple leaves in the early summer, turn to green before eventually turning bright oranges and reds ...

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Closely related to Spiraea, the ninebark is noted for its exfoliating bark (on mature branches) which peels in ...

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Ornamental plum

This popular garden and street tree is amongst the first to blossom in spring, with single deep blush-pink flo ...

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Purple-leaved plum

Deciduous. Round-headed, densely twigged tree with young leaves of red-purple which darken to black-purple. Nu ...

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