Evergreen. A yew of erect habit, forming a dense compact column of closely packed branches. New growth is a ...

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This cultivar is similar to its parent 'Fastigiata' but with a slightly more firm upright shape. The needles a ...

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Yews are commonly seen as formal topiary, hedging or free growing trees. Here the lower branches are removed t ...

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Western red cedar

A fast-growing, incredibly hardy evergreen conifer with a loose, pyramidal form and bright-green, soft-texture ...

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Small-leaved lime

A dwarf form of small-leaved lime grafted onto a trunk to create a neat and very manageble little tree. The cr ...

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Dutch elm

First discovered in a garden in Birmingham in the early 1960s, this curious elm displayed an intreguing dwarf ...

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Guelder rose

A large, vigorous shrub of spreading habit with maple-like leaves which colour in autumn. Golf-ball size cl ...

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A large evergreen to semi-evergreen shrub often more tall than wide, upright in habit, opening with age. Showy ...

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French laurustinus

'Lucidum' is a vigorous form of of Viburnum with slightly larger leaves than the species. Also the flowerheads ...

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A deciduous, rounded shrub with dark green leaves which turn a cheery red in autumn. Fragrant white flowers pr ...

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