River birch

The River Birch is grown for its red-brown shaggy, curling bark becoming black or grey-white on older trees, a ...

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A birch whose highly ornamental shaggy, peeling red-brown bark (becoming black or grey-white on old trees) pro ...

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Paper birch

The paper birch is one of the largest growing birches, reaching a height of 20 meters plus, with a spread up t ...

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Silver birch

A native, graceful tree with an airy, semi-transparent crown. Branches arch and then droop at the ends to giv ...

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Ornäs birch or Swedish birch

This very special birch has its origins in the Swedish municipality of Ornäs where it was discovered in 1767 a ...

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Silver birch

Deciduous. An erect form of medium size and rather stiff habit. Winding to spirally twigs create a graceful wi ...

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Cutleaf weeping birch

A tall, slender, graceful birch from Sweden with drooping branchlets and prettily cut leaves turning golden in ...

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Silver birch

Silver birches are classic trees, easily recognised by their white and black-patched bark, heart-shaped leaves ...

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Silver birch

Originally from Switzerland, this cultivar, though similar in leaf, is much more upright than the species and ...

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Weeping silver birch

'Tristis' is a graceful, tall tree with slender, pendant branches, forming a fairly narrow, symmetrical head. ...

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Young's weeping birch

The ultimate weeping birch and a true character tree. Its small size and beautiful mature dome shape with curt ...

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Downy birch/White birch

Native to northern Europe and Russia, this handsome birch can withstand even the most bitter cold of the sub-a ...

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