Père David's maple

This lovely tree was introduced from China to the west in 1879 by Charles Maries and is named in honour of the ...

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Purple-leaved filbert

A very small upright tree or large shrub producing purple-tinged catkins in late winter, followed by deep purp ...

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Osage orange

Unlike most honeysuckles this species isn't a climber but forms a broadly-round shrub with elegantly arching b ...

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Crab apple

A very small broadly-round tree whose prettily drooping branches produce an abundance of pink-blushed white bl ...

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Apple - Crab

A new, colourful crab apple selected by German arboriculturist Peter Flügge. This is a very handsome tree with ...

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Persian ironwood

A small tree of rounder, widespreading habit whose autumn tones of gold and crimson do not appear until well i ...

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Austrian pine

One of the richest and most robust of the pines, with deep green glossy needles and a picturesque, rounded, in ...

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English oak

Deciduous. Our large native oak tree renowned for its rugged gnarled habit, wavy margined leaves, and acrons. ...

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