Chinese red birch

A birch with a warm coppery/pink peeling bark becoming increasingly popular as a sophisticated alternative to ...

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Yellow ash

A fast-growing, easy-to-establish tree which turns a clear butter yellow in autumn, and whose golden-yellow ba ...

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Perhaps the best choice where a quintessential holly is desired. Jolly emerald green foliage with the charact ...

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Splendid silver-margined holly with dark green leaves, purplish-pink when young. Small white flowers in Spring ...

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English holly

The native form of English Holly, grown for its versatility, resiliency, and natural beauty. Ilex aquifolium ...

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A Dutch seedling, discovered by chance, which soon became a much popular choice thanks to its handsome, pyrami ...

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An highly ornamental upright holly that can be easily shaped and managed. Grown for its eye-catching foliage, ...

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Austrian pine

One of the richest and most robust of the pines, with deep green glossy needles and a picturesque, rounded, in ...

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Austrian pine

This large coniferous evergreen tree is native to Italy, Austria and the Balkans. It usually has a rounded con ...

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English oak

Deciduous. Our large native oak tree renowned for its rugged gnarled habit, wavy margined leaves, and acrons. ...

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Coral bark willow

This colourful cultivar of willow is a wondeful firecracker in the winter garden. As it is the new shoots whic ...

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Violet Willow

Deciduous. A fast-growing, small tree with long purple-violet shoots, attractively overlaid with a white bloom ...

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