Dutch field maple

Deciduous. A cultivated form of our native field maple, but with a dense, upright conical to braodly oval crow ...

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Golden stemmed bamboo

An eye-catching golden stemmed bamboo. Beautiful when planted as a screen or as a single specimen in a pot or ...

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Erman's Birch

With its gorgeous pink and cream coloured trunk the Erman's Birch is beautiful addition to any garden. The lar ...

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Incense cedar

Native to western US, the Incense cedar is widely planted in many temperate regions. This slow-growing tree, h ...

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Japanese camellia

'White Nun' produces enormous, semi-double, crystaline white flowers with gold stamens. Slow growing, upright ...

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Attractive autumn-to-winter flowering evergreen shrub producing small but fragrant magenta to crimson red flow ...

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The tightly ascending branches of 'Fastigiata' provides a dense canopy for this trained box form. Ideal for sc ...

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The tightly ascending branches of 'Fastigiata' provides an ideal dense canopy for various trained forms, great ...

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A sophisticated box-pleach form of our native Hornbeam. The foliage is superb, phasing through three seasons f ...

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Hornbeam Hedging

A classic, native hedging choice. New leaves emerge a fresh lime green, turning mid green in summer, then a w ...

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Common Hornbeam

An elegant form of hornbeam, lending structure and airy four-season screening in maturity. Foliage has a lush ...

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Lawson cypress

Native to North America, seeds from this evergreen tree were brought over to the Lawson Nursery in Edinburgh b ...

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