Commemorative Planting

A tree is perhaps the most enduring and poetic of monuments. Many species live for hundreds of years, developing unique, individual characters. Others, whilst shorter lived, faithfully remember our anniversaries with a spontaneous blessing of blossom, fruit, or colour.

Selecting your Commemorative Tree

We appreciate the importance of making the right choice for your commemorative tree, and will do our utmost to ensure you continue to be pleased with your selection for years to come. Our advisors will assist you in the process, but a few aspects you may wish to begin considering are:

  • How important is it that the tree live a long time? - some trees,such as oaks, live for hundreds of years. Others, such as flowering cherries, and shorter lived, but do provide much seasonal beauty.
  • Is there adequate space in the intended position for the variety you've chosen to reach its mature size? If the objective is for the tree to grow in perpetuity, it is important it has the space to reach its full potential.
  • Is it important that the tree flower/fruit/give autumn colour in a particular season? If a particular event is being commemorated, such as a birth, a death or a marriage, the tree coming into flower can be a joyful or comforting way to mark the anniversary.
  • What sort of character or habit would be suitable? (small weeping cherry for a Shetland, Dogwood for a beloved dog, favourite flower, etc.)
  • What are the site conditions like? It is important that the variety you select is suitable to the site conditions to ensure the tree will flourish.

Planting your Commemorative Tree

Your advisor will organize planting of your tree to your specifications. If you would like your tree planted as part of a ceremony, this can usually be accommodated with reasonable lead time.

Commemorative Plaques

We can provide commemorative plaques for your tree, personalised to your specification, at a cost of £85 and with a 4 week lead time.

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