Delivery Options

We deliver nationwide from our nursery transport to give you on-time assurance and to provide qualified handling of your trees every time by a courteous, conscientious driver.

Delivery service options

the fleetSince we have such a diverse customer base, we offer a complete range of delivery options so that you only pay for the level of service you require. For example, a commercial contractor may already have a team and the necessary equipment onsite to offload and plant the trees, whereas a private gardener may be capable of planting the tree, but need assistance physically getting the tree into position. Because circumstances vary, your advisor will normally talk through your situation and work out a quote to meet your needs with minimal hassle and expense. A few of our most common options are:

  • Curbside delivery - customer provides the man or machine power to offload from lorry.
  • Delivery with offload - Majestic ensures offloading equipment is on board so that trees can be safely offloaded from lorry to a position near the front of the property.
  • Delivery to planting area - Majestic team provides appropriate man and/or machine power to get the trees from the lorry to the site of planting, according to customer's specification.  This may include traversing patios, steps, or lawns and is particularly useful for those with difficult access conditions, or who lack the specialist equipment necessary to move very large stock.  A key aspect of this service is that Majestic assumes liability for any damage to the tree until it is safely set down in the designated position.  We can also go a step further and set the trees into the actual planting pits, if these have been prepared ahead – see ‘Delivery to tree pit service’ below. 
  • ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service – This award-winning service is ideal for experienced landscapers who already have a team on site and all the standard machinery for preparing tree pits and backfilling.   The Majestic team deliver and place the trees into pre-prepared pits using our specialist lifting machinery, with a key aspect of this service being that Majestic assumes all responsibility for any damage to the trees during the unloading and positioning process.   Staking/installing platypus anchors is an optional extra.
  • Delivery with full planting - Majestic Trees provides all appropriate supplies, manpower, and machinery to offload,plant, and anchor trees, completing the planting to the highest standard of finish. All trees we have planted carry a one year establishment guarantee. Click here, for more information on our planting services.

trucking mounted manitou unloadingjpgLead time for delivery

Our standard delivery time is within 2 weeks (sometimes 3 weeks during peak periods) of order confirmation. You will be advised of lead time when placing your order. If you are in no rush for your order, you may wish to avail of our Green Rate option, which will enable you to enjoy a discount on your delivery. See ‘Delivery costs' below for details.

Delivery costs

Delivery costs vary by distance, size of order, equipment needed to offload, and your own flexibility with scheduling. Your advisor can provide a rough estimate based on your postcode, and a more detailed quote as your order begins to take shape. To help minimize costs to you, and (do our part for the environment!), we offer two rates of delivery: Standard and Green Rate.

Standard Rate delivery will prioritise delivery of your order within two to three weeks.

Green Rate delivery is a discounted service available for those in a position to wait for their trees until we are next in the area. If you have booked at Green Rate, you can upgrade to Standard Rate at anytime to prioritise scheduling of your order.

Vehicle/Equipment options


For more specific details regarding the equipment we can provide, please refer to our Vehicles and Equipment page.

We can deliver to kerbside with the following options:

Tree Planting – Access Requirements

You might find the following information about vehicle and access requirements helpful, since this may influence your selection. As pot sizes, tree shapes and site conditions vary, please be aware this is intended as a guide only.

If your access is cramping your style, don’t despair! We can get big trees into smaller places than you may think. Creative problem solving (and muscle) is our speciality and we regularly hire cranes and have even been known to hire a helicopter when duty calls. Give us a chance to make the impossible happen. You might be surprised how inexpensive it can be.

Our delivery fleet includes 7.5 ton trucks with a 17’curtainsider body, an 18 ton with 26’ curtainsider body, a 26 ton rigid curtainsider with a 26’ body that can tow an 18 ton low-loader trailer when needed with various equipment up to our 13 ton excavator. Our 44 ton artic unit tows a range of 45’ and 33’ trailers. Both the rigid vehicles and the artic unit can carry a telescopic truck-mounted forklift that off-loads and places trees up to approximately 3 tons in weight. You can view this ‘Fleet and Planting Equipment’ (click this link), which includes dimensions to help you understand. It will not be necessary to drive the larger trucks into your property, as the Manitou can bring the trees to the job from the appropriate parking space nearby.

AccessPot SizeVehicle
Minimum width access from curbside to planting position of: We recommend you consider pot sizes up to: The lightest vehicle required to deliver these pot sizes is likely to be:
Less than 750 mm (less than standard garden gate) 150 litres, occasionally 200ltr 7.5 ton LGV
750 mm width only (standard garden gate) 200 litres, occasionally 300 litres Preferably rigid with Manitou, but exceptions are made
750 mm wide and above Discuss with advisor for sizes over 300 litres Preferably rigid or sizes over 300 litres
Access in excess of 2.6 Meters or 8’6” Usually any size okay Over 300 litres will require a large rigid or articulated lorry delivery and Manitou forklift for off-loading and placement.

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