Planting Services

Planting 9meter_AbiesCorrect planting is absolutely critical for tree establishment, so if you are inexperienced with tree planting, we highly recommend you avail of our optional planting services. We do offer a full establishment guarantee on all stock we have planted. Click here to download our Planting Guide PDF

Service Options

We customise our planting to suit the needs of the individual, but generally offer two main levels of service. For both services, younger trees are secured by traditional stake-and-tie method, and larger specimens with state of-the-art overhead or underground Platipus anchorage systems.

Option 1: Full Planting includes:

  • marking out of planting positions, if required
  • excavation of planting pits
  • placement of the tree in the planting hole
  • staking/anchoring
  • installing a deep watering perforated pipe
  • backfilling the hole with a mix of the best existing topsoil, added tree and shrub compost (reduced peat), and slow release fertilizer tablets
  • watering in as necessary
  • removal of excess soil from the site
  • aftercare instructions and telephone support, or avail of our optional AfterCare Service

Option 2: 'Planting into Pre-dug Holes' is essentially a backfill and stake/anchorage service, which allows us to extend our establishment warranty to those who can provide the manpower for pit preparation and excess soil removal, but may lack the proper expertise or equipment to plant. Obviously, this service is charged at a lower fee. (Note: it is crucial that holes are prepared to sizes specified by Majestic Trees, and that best soil is left next to hole, and not mixed with any poor subsoil. Failure to do so may result in additional costs).


Planting costs vary dramatically depending on stock size and access, so you may find it helpful to review our Access and Vehicle Requirement Guidelines as this may influence your selection. We will prepare a firm quote as your order begins to take shape, but as a very rough guide you may want to allow an additional 15-30% of the total cost of your stock for planting costs. Obviously the more difficult the access, the lower the tree value, the higher this percentage may become or can possibly exceed this rough guide. Minimal planting charges run about £65.00.

Limits of Liability

Electricity cables and underground services
Whilst we make every effort to avoid hitting electricity cables or underground services, please note it is the customer's responsibility to alert us of their presence (More: We cannot take responsibility for any damage to services if we have not been notified of their specific location prior to excavation. We do have our own Leica Digicat 200 which we can bring to site if you are concerned about underground cables. However, no liability for any damage is accepted or implied even if we do provide this service, as some cables are difficult to detect).

Other limits Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details.

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