Professional Horticultural Services.

Supplying for horticultural professionals is a vital aspect of our business. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, which has led to the development of a range of tailored trade services over the years, as you can see below.

For the established horticultural professional, registering as a trade customer with us has never been easier. You can register online in moments, which will also automatically register you as a My Majestic Professional user, which will give you 24 hour access to trade pricing and availability. Prefer to keep things ‘old school’? No problem. You can also register by phone, email, in person, or by post pdfdownload a printable application form here.

Below is an overview of the professional services we can provide:


My Majestic Professional online trade information and availability

We are proud to offer our trade customers twenty four hour access to trade pricing and availability online through our award-winning online My Majestic Professional facility. This information is not just provided as a static downloadable pdf stocklist, but also appears dynamically within our award-winning treefinder interactive stock search.

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Online access to 1500+ tree images and 500 variety profiles in a format that is easy to share with your clients

We completely understand the importance of images when it comes to helping a non-professional choose trees! That's why our treefinder stock search facility contains over 1500 images of trees in various seasons and states of maturity, along with concise overview profiles for over 500 varieties. It means you can share your suggestions with your clients by simply emailing links to our online profiles of the varieties you are proposing. Prefer to keep your supplier confidential? Register online for a My Majestic Professional account and instantly create beautifully formatted, fully customisable favourites lists which you can email to your clients with your own branding.


A visitor-friendly nursery open 6 days per week

Visit any time, Monday to Saturday. You are welcome to make an appointment prior to your visit, although we do pride ourselves in the personal service we are able to provide even on a walk-in basis. With the largest on-site nursery sales team in the UK, it is very rare that there is not someone able to assist you.

Unlike most large-scale tree nurseries in the UK, our nursery is designed to be visitor friendly, complete with directional signage and demonstration gardens. Each of our trees is conveniently labelled with a very clear and detailed description, as we can hardly expect even our professional customers to be familiar with all of the 500+ varieties we stock! Each batch of trees is coded with a batch number, which appears on the label and allows us to trace the performance of that batch throughout its lifetime. No prices appear on labels; you simply cross reference the batch number on the label with your professional price list as you walk around. You are most welcome to bring clients with you should they wish to personally select their trees.


A reservable garden room should you wish to meet with clients here

Should you wish to bring your client to view the trees and make a selection, we offer for your complimentary use a private garden room overlooking our Courtyard Garden, complete with gourmet coffee machine. This room can be booked for an hour at a time.


Option to personally select your specimens

We appreciate the importance of being able to personally inspect and select trees for your project, particularly when you are planting mature trees. We are a specialist grower, not a mass producer, so when you place your order, rest assured we won't be simply sending out a 'picker' to collect the next tree in the row. We warmly encourage our customers to personally select their own specimens within each batch. And if you are unable to visit us, one of our horticulturally trained advisors will personally select and tag the best tree on your behalf, based on your specifications, and will tell you if they feel it is unsuitable. We are only interested in long-term relationships, built on trust and mutual benefit.


Tree sourcing services

We pride ourselves in stocking a wide range of varieties and sizes so you can personally inspect and select your trees, but that doesn’t mean to say that if you are looking for trees we do not currently have on our nursery we couldn’t source them. We have an extensive network of suppliers with whom we are in constant contact, so it is well worth considering our ‘Tree sourcing’ services if your project has a reasonable lead time.


Comprehensive delivery and planting services, including our award-winning ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service

We understand that our broad spectrum of trade customers have differing areas of expertise, so offer a flexible range of services to dovetail into our customers' planting plans as required. Some options include:


Loading for collection. You may wish to collect your trees. We are more than happy to prepare in advance stock you have purchased, preferably with 24 hours notice. We will assist you in loading the trees or, if you use a common carrier, will load the trees for you.


Delivery to kerb. This is a popular service we offer, as unlike many other nurseries, we have our own custom built trucks to carry your delivery. The huge benefit of this is that you do not have to find or provide the equipment to offload the trees, as the truck comes equipped as required, most likely with a truck mounted telescopic fork lift. Furthermore, our rear wheel steer artic trailers all come with lifting and sliding roofs if you need to crane the trees into their planting positions.

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‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service. Many of our customers have the expertise and manpower to prepare tree pits, but lack the specialised equipment to offload and place very large trees into them. For these customers we offer a very competitively priced delivery service which includes offloading and positioning of each tree in its pit. An important feature of this service is that Majestic Trees assumes liability for any breakages or damage which might occur during the fragile moving and positioning process.

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Complete planting service with establishment guarantee. One of our most popular services, even with landscape contractors, is our complete planting service whereby we dig the tree pits, provide the equipment to deliver the trees, anchor the trees, do the backfilling and take the muck away. Our charges are very competitive and this service comes with our unique ‘establishment warranty’.


In-house AfterCare service.

Last but not least, we offer the peace of mind of an in-house AfterCare service. Service visits can be booked on an occasional basis as required, or on a contractual basis, in which case we check the trees once per month during the growing season. When provided on a contractual basis, our aftercare service includes an extended warranty lasting the duration of the contract.

Should you wish to bring your client to view the trees and make a selection, we offer for your complimentary use a private garden room overlooking our Courtyard Garden, complete with gourmet coffee machine. This room can be booked for an hour at a time.


Personal service from an experienced and knowledgeable team

Whilst internet support is extremely important, it is no substitute for personal service. We have four full-time, qualified horticulturist advisors, two of whom are qualified garden designers, available to help by phone, email or in person at the nursery. They will be happy to steer you in the right direction when it comes to choosing your trees, and will happily email up-to-date pictures of the exact specimens you are considering from our nursery.

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Trees of exceptional quality, mainly grown in AirPots for superior root systems

We all know that it is very tempting to minimise cost – and backache – by purchasing trees with very small rootballs – but remember that can mean that over 70% of the root system has been compromised! This is okay if you are planting whips, but a false economy when planting mature trees, which require a robust root system to support their growth. You may discover too late that your 'economical' rootball or bare root trees take years to establish or fail to do so at all. We take pride in supplying trees with large, robust rootballs, the overwhelming majority of which are AirPot grown to promote development of an exceptionally resilient, fibrous root system.

To Register as a Professional Customer, including an online My Majestic Professional account

The quickest way to register with us as a professional customer is to simply create a My Majestic account, ticking the ‘trade user’ box. This will enable you to start creating favourites list straightaway on standard settings, with your professional user settings activating upon approval, which is usually in 1-2 working days.

Alternatively, you can complete our standard trade application form by clicking here, or pdfdownload a pdf for posting by clicking here. If you apply by either of these methods you will receive your My Majestic Professional log in details with your approval confirmation, usually within 1-2 days of our receipt of your application.

Credit facility option

For regular and long established customers, we do offer 30 day accounts for credit worthy horticultural-related businesses on completion of a credit application. Please either download it on-line or request a copy of the application at the nursery, and upon its submission, allow 21 days for a decision though this timescale is highly dependent on your references and bank expediting our enquiries.

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