Site Consultation

services-siteconsultIf you are feeling bewildered about where to start, are contemplating a large project, or considering a project that may require additional hard or soft landscaping, we highly recommend our Site Consultation Service.

Alongside the complimentary advice available from the nursery... we offer consultations with our Project Design Manager at your property. A fully qualified garden designer with extensive experience in TreeScape design, our Design Manager will spend approximately one hour on site with you, talking through your requirements and taking digital photographs and measurements. You will then be invited to the nursery to review her recommendations, or she can post/email her proposal if you prefer.

The proposal will be comprised of a list of suggested trees and recommended planting positions, with a general indication of planting costs involved (final planting quote will depend on trees ultimately selected).

The fee for this service is £60/hour + mileage at 50p per mile plus VAT, and applies for most residential/domestic projects. A surcharge for travel time may apply to some London areas and long haul addresses. Provision of drawings, formal planting plans, etc. are NOT included in this fee, but can usually be supplied if required on a price-on-application basis.

Higher fees may apply for consultation on very large projects or commercial work, depending on the level of involvement required.

Alternatively, you can obtain complimentary TreeScaping advice by booking a consultation with our Project Design Manager at the nursery. It is important in this case that you forward digital photos, access measurements, etc. in advance, so your advisor can factor these aspects into his/her proposal.  We recommend when taking photographs that you have someone or something in the photo to indicate scale.   There is no charge for advice given at the nursery, but please be advised that site suitability cannot be guaranteed without a site visit. 

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