Tree Sourcing

Some of our competitors try to make out that there is an advantage in them sourcing the tree you want, rather than you ‘wasting your time’ going to a nursery to find that special tree. A few of them are good at it, but you need to beware as not everyone is as knowledgeable or cares as much as you do. In fact, some pretend to have significant growing grounds overseas, when in fact all they are doing is buying you the trees you ask them for on the open market as they don’t own one square meter of production nursery! So let me tell you how ‘Tree Sourcing’ works.

Most of those that advertise their tree sourcing services will send out a broadcast fax or e-mail sent blindly too many nurseries or even nursery agents asking if they have the required tree and how much they will sell it to them for. Some of them will be a bit more selective as to where they send their enquiry, but many are simply looking for the cheapest tree, even if it is not the best. Then they return to you as if they have jumped through hoops to find this perfect tree, and with no warranty as to its success or failure. That’s right, once you accept it at the point of delivery there is no warranty or guarantee!

Only if you have a huge order will they personally get on a plane and go and look for those special trees. But their source of supply is far more limited than a real nursery like us as they will likely buy as many trees in a year as we will in a week. Why? Because we spend weeks touring Europe, searching and buying the best stock available on speculation to grow on, only buying what is best because in our case we are going to be taking the risk! Not you!

In our case, we will tell you if we know where we can source any tree we do not have on our nursery. We will only sell you stock we would personally purchase and grow on as your total satisfaction and our reputation is critical to our long term success. Furthermore, you will have the right to reject the stock on our nursery once it arrives; ask anyone you ask to source stock if they will let you do this? So don’t be misled by these so called ‘nursery’ claims if they are not legitimate nurseries that you trust. Ask them, ‘can I please come to your nursery to look at the trees you grow and select the one I like’? I mean would you ever buy anything of importance such as clothes this way, by hiring someone to source a suit or dress for you?

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