What is TreeScaping?

treescaping image'TreeScaping' is a term we use at Majestic Trees to describe the process of creating dramatic and effective spaces with trees. Applications can range from:

  • providing screening and privacy (probably our most common request!),
  • creating a natural frame to highlight a view,
  • bringing dramatic structure and definition to an otherwise uninteresting space.

Designing with trees is a highly specialist skill, requiring an exceptional knowledge of the habits, character, growth rate, and site requirements of hundreds of varieties of trees. It is easy to select trees which look great the day they are planted. The skill of the treescape specialist lies in the ability to plan a solution which does not deteriorate with age or change of season, but evolves gracefully over time to provide a landscape of lasting beauty.

It is unlikely you will find a freelance garden designer who can equal our advisors' tree knowledge in this specialist area. To take best advantage of their expertise, we highly recommend contacting them first by telephone or email to explain your project, and sending digital photographs of the proposed planting area. This is a complimentary service.

For even greater peace of mind, you may wish to avail of our site consultation service. Our Project Design Manager, Sarah Shynn, who is also a qualified garden designer, will visit your site and advise you how best to achieve your objectives. Should your project call for a formal garden design, Sarah is likely to refer you to one of our freelance designers, but consult with them on the treescape elements. Should you already have a designer involved, he or she may wish to consult with Sarah on the selection and placement of trees in the design.

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