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services-whymajesticWhy choose Majestic? Many people think that tree planting is not rocket science. I wouldn’t disagree, but there are some critical guidelines to planting any size tree which are further compounded the larger they get. Planting a 50 ltr container tree is far easier than planting a 500 ltr container tree, let alone a 5000 ltr container tree. Below are some important points to consider when deciding who should plant your tree(s).

  1. Majestic will give you a full 12 month warranty on any tree we plant, subject to our Terms & Conditions. This gives you the peace of mind that the investment you have made in your tree(s) is secure and that they will thrive as long as you water them regularly. If they should fail, Majestic will replace the tree at no cost to yourself, subject to Terms & Conditions
  2. Majestic has the necessary equipment and expertise to handle our trees. Whilst a strong man can handle a 50 ltr tree, a 500 ltr tree will weigh close to 1 ton, whilst a 5000 ltr tree, which may be 40 ft tall, can weight as much as or even more than 8 tons. With trees this large, things can go terribly wrong very quickly: bark ripped off, tree ringed, leaders or major parts of the crown snapped/ripped off and people getting crushed in the tree pit. The techniques and training to plant large trees are critical and considering your investment in trees, it is not a decision to be taken lightly.
  3. Drainage, irrigation, the correct planting depth, fertilisation and certain other considerations, such as, root control systems and mycorrhiza drenches can be critical to your tree’s success and even survival! I have had the misfortune to witness too many dead and dying trees where the tree planter did not understand the importance of these points.

So why not let us quote on planting your trees. Our experienced teams work all over the UK in all conditions and plant trees 50+ weeks of the year. We know what your tree needs and what it will take to get it into its final position.

Our service includes:

  1. Marking out of tree planting locations as needed.
  2. Digging of tree pits by hand or excavator/mini-digger to correct size. You will be amazed at how much the excavated subsoil expands and often the poor quality of it.
  3. Setting the rootball into the tree pit, installing a deep watering perforated pipe, fertiliser and mixing-in a tree planting compost as we backfill with the best topsoil from the tree pit we’ve dug. Occasionally additional topsoil will need to be imported, if you have very poor soil.
  4. Staking and tying or either underground anchoring or overhead guying system by Platypus to ensure your tree is held upright and has minimal rock in the wind whilst it roots out.
  5. Removal of any excess subsoil (muck-away) as you will rarely want to use it in your garden or on the beds or, if agreed, dispersement on site. Watering-in and drenching as needed to get your trees started on its road to rooting out and thriving in its new location.
  6. Aftercare instructions, telephone advice regarding your tree. From spring 2008, we will offer regular aftercare visits by a qualified Arborist at your request. This service will include any needed pruning, drenching, spraying etc., and a report on your tree(s) – how they are doing and what, if anything, you need to do differently.

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