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Sponsored by Pro-Landscaper and Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems, this afternoon is a very comprehensive demonstration on how to off-load, handle, place and plant large trees in the landscape. Multiple Chelsea Gold winners Mark Gregory and Adam Frost will be acting as Masters of Ceremony, explaining the process, equipment and tools involved in the job. At 6pm we will have a hog-roast, BBQ and salad, not forgetting drinks and dessert followed by a Q&A time with Mark and Adam. In detail the program, subject to change is:

Pre 2:30pm Nursery Tours or (browse the nursery independently)– completely optional
2:30 - 8:00pm Refreshments all afternoon and evening
2:30 - 5:30pm Various equipment choices, which to use and when – we will have all the tools and machines we use on display and go through the benefits of each
Demonstration of the following;

Offloading trees, handling them on site
Slinging of stock, how, why and what for
Placement, planting and moving of stock into position
Securing, anchoring or guying of stock
Backfilling, compost, fertilisers, etc
Root barriers, irrigation, etc
Clean up
AfterCare of your trees

5:45 - 6:30pm Hog Roast, BBQ, social followed by Q&A at no charge
7:00 - 8:00pm Nursery Tours available by request

Places are limited so click on the
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