What Size?

size scaling upThis picture shows 12/14, 16/18, 20/25, 30/35, 40/45 and 50/55 girth trees. Straw bales are 1.9m height.

Access usually determines the maximum container size of the tree that we can plant. (although cranes and helicopters can achieve the impossible if you have the budget!). Starting from where our vehicle would need to park, walk the path to the planting position, noting the narrowest point. This will determine the maximum size of the tree.

Garden Gate Access only

As a general rule of thumb, if the tree must go through a garden gate, the largest container size you should consider is a 250L. Staying beneath this threshold will also minimise planting costs. No stairs or tight curbs please!

10 foot plus Width Access

With a minimum width access of 10 foot or more, we can off-load, move and position any tree under 2000ltr with relative ease, or if above 2000ltr by using large equipment we can bring to site. Things get a bit more complicated if there are steps or tight corners to negotiate, but these obstacles can usually be overcome with planning.


Crane Access

Even with terrible access, we can usually get most size trees in through the use of a crane. Though this does push planting costs up, in many cases the instant transformation achieved makes it well worthwhile.

N.B. Measuring the distance from the road, width of driveway, and minimum access widths along the route to the planting position, as well as emailing pictures, greatly helps us to guide you in selecting the most appropriate size trees to meet your needs and budget.

How tall does the tree need to be?

When a large tree or any tree is required, guessing at the height you want can be deceptive and result in you over-estimating the size of tree needed. If you don't have a large measuring stick, then tie together some tall bamboo canes and mark them off in feet or meters to determine how big a tree you need. We have trees up to 40ft+ (12m), this is taller than a two-storey house! Of course, more mature trees are more expensive, so using tricks of perspective, such as moving the tree forward, can help you achieve your objectives with less cost. Our advisors are very clever at these sorts of tricks and are only too happy to help you!

Trees need good light and all grow better with as much light as possible. Our advisors will help you with any other questions or queries you may have.

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