Magnolia grand. 'Goliath'

10292 - Bull bay magnolia
A less ubiquitous form of Magnolia grandiflora which differs from 'Gallissonniere' in its hardier, more cold resistant nature and the enormous flowers is produces from an early age in late summer. Leaves are relatively short, broad, dark glossy green above, green beneath. The flowers are waxy and cup-shaped, very formal looking. Magnolia grandiflora is relatively slow growing, and equally effective when allowed to develop a natural unchecked crown, when clipped as a formal specimen, or trained as a large wall shrub. ADVISORY: Although 'Goliath' resists cold better than 'Gallissioniere', it may still drop a considerable number of leaves after periods of severe cold.
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Dark Green
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Acid;Alkaline;Clay;Damp;Dry;Loam;Neutral;Sandy;Well drained
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