Field Maple

A deciduous, native species of maple traditionally used for hedgerows and informal hedging. New leaves have a ...

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Evergreen. Compact, low-spreading habit, with bright green, nearly rounded leaves. Good for ground cover, part ...

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Common box

Evergreen. A bushy rounded shrub with glossy dark green leaves which are notched at the tips. Hardy. Slow gro ...

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Hornbeam Hedging

A classic, native hedging choice. New leaves emerge a fresh lime green, turning mid green in summer, then a w ...

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Lawson cypress

A very popular and classic choice for hedging and screening because of its pleasing evergreen foliage and fari ...

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Deciduous. An easy-to-grow, very traditional, native variety of hedging particularly suited to chalky soils. ...

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The Common hawthorn is extensively planted in the UK as hedging. In autumn its branches are laden with red fru ...

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Golden leyland

Evergreen. Slower-growing than regular leylandii and suitable for hedging. Young foliage golden-yellow, darken ...

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Cypress - Leyland

Arguably the fastest growing and most economical choice for screening. Can put on 3 ft plus growth per year. ...

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A fully hardy, easy to grow evergreen whose foliage is dark to sea green on upper surface, silvery beneath. P ...

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Once a very common sight in our English hedgerows, the spindle is a spreading shrub or smaller tree which may ...

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Purple beech

The classic Copper Beech hedging, renowned for its attractive burnished red summer foliage, but also eye-catch ...

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