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Planting & Logistics
Fern Snowling

Fern Snowling – Planting & Logistics Manager, HGV1

Fern joined Majestic Trees in 2004 and over the next 9 years she moved up to become the Logistics Manager before deciding to go traveling around the world for two years. Thankfully she came back and quickly picked up where she left off. Today she manages both the planting and the yard team, besides being a very talented machine operator holding all relevant licenses for any size telescopic fork lift, skidsteer, Hiab’s, excavator, etc and HGV trucks. She is both driven, hardworking, and very able at managing people., though still very hands-on who is extremely logical and delights in team efficiency, effectiveness, and making it happen whatever the challenge. She radiates camaraderie and promotes the teams high morale, and serves on the company's Senior Management Committee.

Carl Batchelor

Carl Batchelor - Team Leader & HGV1

Carl has worked in the horticultural industry for over 20 years, having joined Majestic Trees in early 2004 where he has progressed from crew member to a leadership role. Carl has a practical “can-do” approach with a commitment to excellent customer service that makes him an invaluable team leader. He is fully competent in all plant and machinery we own, including excavators, telehandlers, skidsteers etc., and holds all relevant tickets as does all of his crew that operate them. Carl also holds both a HGV1 and 2 rigid and articulated truck licenses, and is a fully qualified First Aider. As if that weren’t enough, during his time at Majestic, Carl has also undertaken and completed his City & Guilds NVQ2 in Horticulture.

Nick Wild

Nick Wild – Planting, Logistics & Facilities Support, HGV1

Nick finally made the decision to leave his desk job for a life more Majestic and we really couldn’t have hoped for a better match. After an earlier career in insurance, his years of tinkering with old tractors and Land Rovers at his smallholding developed his natural mechanical ability, which combined with his attention to detail and friendly, positive outlook, make him the ideal character to be Fern’s right hand man, supporting her day to day. He is a very able machine driver, and whether he is driving an artic or repairing machinery, loading a trailer full of trees or whatever gap needs filling, Nick will always do a very good job.

Katrina Rhodes

Katrina Rhodes – Scheduling/Administrator

Katrina joined us from Xerox in 2016 where she had worked for 17 years in a fast-paced customer care oriented role. We had been trying to persuade her to join us for 16 years as she also happens to be a superb gardener, a fact known by those of us who live locally and have witnessed her past successes with her vegetables at the annual village show. We finally persuaded her to bring her talents to Majestic Trees, where she now organises all our scheduling, liaises with customers on a daily basis and provides versatile practical support to a wide range of projects as the need arises. Totally dedicated to customer service with a nothing is too much trouble attitude, Katrina is very efficient, logical, great at problem solving and always thinking outside the box.

William Tudway

William Tudway – Team Leader and HGV1

William’s employment at Majestic Trees started as a Saturday job whilst he was finishing his A-levels, washing and greasing all the machinery and trucks. After his graduation in May 2019, he joined us full time, working mainly in the Planting & Logistics team where he quickly developed into a very able machine driver, going on to get various tickets for heavy equipment that he loves to drive. In 2021 we trained him to drive HGV’s, and low and behold he passes first time with 0 points! He then went on to pass his HGV1, and has recently stepped up to Team Leader as well as managing all our DVLA/VOSA operator’s license compliance. Will is a hardworking member of the team who enjoys practical, outdoor work, and nothing is too much trouble.

Dean Mayo

Dean Mayo – Team Leader/Horticulturist/Planter, HGV2

After watching our team delivering trees to show gardens at RHS Hampton Court, Dean enquired and thereafter joined us in autumn 2019, motivated by a desire to develop a professional specialism in trees. With many years in the garden maintenance and landscaping sector, including six years training at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, he was an ideal candidate for our planting team. He came to us with glowing references, is a very able and hardworking horticulturist, with great people skills. Dean quickly proved himself, and today is one of our leaders who runs planting jobs around the UK.

Michael Flemons

Michael Flemons – Team Leader and HGV1

Michael has been with us since the spring of 2019 having done tree surgery work for many years. He joined us initially as a temp in the busy spring season, but was attracted by the prospect of working for a dynamic and growing company and soon expressed an interest in joining us permanently as a member of the planting team. He quickly fit in, and has a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, with a good work ethic and a happy deposition that makes the day fly by for his team mates. Customers also speak very highly of Michael, so much so that he was promoted to Team Leader and passed his HGV1 to drive our artics, as well as machine tickets for telescopic forklifts, skidsteers and truck mounted forklifts.

Peter Kennett

Peter Kennett – Apprentice/Planting Team

Peter joined us in 2020, and has quickly proven himself as someone you want on your team. Having completed his BA in Business and Marketing from Sheffield University, he found that working in an office environment was not for him. Having worked in garden centres whilst at university, we were very pleased when he decided to follow in his father footsteps and come to join us, and is now enrolled in our apprenticeship program where he attends horticultural college combined with constant in depth structured training at Majestic Trees. He quickly fit into the team, becoming a valued colleague for his hard work and great attitude, and has machine tickets for telescopic forklifts, skidsteers and truck mounted forklifts.

Jonathan Swain

Samuel Fraser – Apprentice/Planting Team

Sam has spent some years as a salesperson, but having always loved the outdoors and especially enamoured by trees, he started to look for a change in career whilst doing a RHS horticulture correspondence course. When he saw our ad he jumped at it, and quickly fit into the planting team, where he is hard working, friendly and always motivated to doing a good job. Sam is now enrolled in our apprenticeship program attending horticultural college combined with constant in depth structured training at Majestic Trees, and has machine tickets for telescopic forklifts, skidsteers and truck mounted forklifts. In his spare time when not in his garden, he spends it mountain biking, trail running and hiking; he just can’t get enough of the outdoors.

Jonathan Swain

Jonathan Swain – Horticulturist/Planter

Jonathan is one of our newer team members who floats between the planting team and pulling and preparing the trees for planting at the nursery. He completed his Diploma in Horticulture from Writtle University before further horticultural studies at Capel Manor, before being accepted for the prestigious 2 year Kew Gardens Apprenticeship course which he completed in 2017. He then decided to see a bit of the world working as a horticulturist before taking up a position as the Lead Gardener at a large private estate. However, his love of trees drew him to Majestic Trees, where he has quickly proven himself to be hardworking, driven and very dependable. Jonathan is also very knowledgeable and conscientious, and has a PA1 & 6 spraying license.

Ross Edwards

Ross Edwards – Horticulturist/Planter

Ross joined is early 2021, wishing to both grow trees and learn how we plant big trees at Majestic Trees. He has quickly fitted into the experienced team, is hard working with a great attitude, and with an insatiable desire to learn. He had previously completed his RHS Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture at Shuttleworth College and will shortly complete his level 3 RHS Diploma, as well as having his PA1 & 6 spraying license and a telescopic handler forklift ticket.

Chris Gray-Barnes

Chris Gray-Barnes – Planting Team

Chris is another member of our second career change, which is not uncommon in horticulture. When he was younger he worked as a greenkeeper, but then moved into a six years career in aviation at Luton Airport, before deciding during the pandemic that he needed to make a change and go back to nature, joining us in 2021.

Andrew Howes

Andrew Howes – Yard Team

Andrew joined us as business exploded in 2021 and is one of the yard team who brings a high level of detail to the preparation of the trees prior to shipping to our customers. In his past life he was an electrician, but is passionate about historic vehicles and motorcycles, were he his practical skills and attention to detail have resulted in some lovely restoration work. That same practical skill set means that he is methodical and detailed in the rootballing and preparation and makes a valued member of the team.

Kyle Kwaricany

Kyle Kwaricany – Apprentice Planter & Yard Team

Kyle joined our team as a Saturday boy whilst still at school, and quickly proved himself a real grafter who works hard. Initially he got the short straw washing our machinery and trucks, and whilst he still does that he is now more involved in the ongoing weekly maintenance of our heavy equipment. On leaving school in spring 2021, Kyle joined the planting team, and with his love of machines and natural driving ability we put him through training so that he now has tickets for both telehandlers and skidsteers. Always determined, enthusiastic and with a good attitude, Kyle has fit in well with the experienced team, as he embarks on his apprenticeship in Horticulture.