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Planting & Logistics

Fern Snowling – Logistics Manager HGV1

Fern joined Majestic Trees in 2004 and quickly proved herself as both driven, hardworking, and very able at managing people. Over the next 9 years she moved up to become the Logistics Manager before deciding to go traveling around the world. Thankfully she came back and quickly picked up where she left off. She manages all the planting team and yard, besides being a very talented machine operator holding all relevant licenses for any size telescopic fork lift, skidsteer, Hiab’s, excavator, etc and HGV truck licenses. Fern is a very ͚hands-on͛ person who is extremely logical and delights in team efficiency, effectiveness, and ͚making it happen whatever the challenge. She radiates camaraderie and promotes the teams high morale, and serves on the company's Senior Management Committee.

Winston Woodward

Winston Woodward – Planting Supervisor/HGV2

Winston joined Majestic Trees in early 2006 and has been in the industry for over 20 years. He has an ND in Horticulture (Distinction) and worked for six years as part of the team building the Eden Project and has worked overseas on other projects. Winston is a qualified Pesticide applicator, is a licensed machine operator driving most of our fleet of heavy machinery as well as a HGV2 driver. Winston provides consistent and knowledgeable horticultural care, and when not working loves to do triathlons . He is passionate about his plants and it shows in the detail and thoroughness of his work, and customer survey’s demonstrate this. He has proven to be an invaluable team member leading a crew on projects across the UK with the utmost professionalism.

Carl Batchelor

Carl Batchelor - Planting Supervisor & HGV1

Carl has worked in the horticultural industry for over 20 years, having joined Majestic Trees in early 2004 where he has progressed from crew member to a leadership role. Carl has a practical “can-do” approach with a commitment to excellent customer service that makes him an invaluable team leader. He is fully competent in all plant and machinery we own, including excavators, telehandlers, skidsteers etc., and holds all relevant tickets as does all of his crew that operate them. Carl also holds both a HGV1 and 2 rigid and articulated truck licenses, and is a fully qualified First Aider. As if that weren’t enough, during his time at Majestic, Carl has also undertaken and completed his City & Guilds NVQ2 in Horticulture.

Nick Wild

Nick Wild - Yard Supervisor & HGV1

Although Nick enjoyed the good life early in his career, practicalities eventually kept him in an office for many years. At least during working hours, that is; evenings and weekends were still fair game for tinkering with engines and working his land. In 2014 Nick finally made the decision to leave his desk job for a life more Majestic and we really couldn’t have hoped for a better match. Nick’s natural mechanical and horticultural ability, combined with his attention to detail and friendly, positive outlook, make him the ideal character for Yard Supervisor. Nick oversees the loading and offloading of delivery vehicles as well as working with the office to ensure accuracy, safety and efficiency of the loading and transport process. 

Katrina Rhodes

Katrina Rhodes – Scheduling/Administrator

Katrina joined us from Xerox in 2016 where she had worked for 17 years in a fast-paced customer care oriented role. We had been trying to persuade her to join us for 16 years as she also happens to be a superb gardener, a fact known by those of us who live locally and have witnessed her past successes with her vegetables at the annual village show. We finally persuaded her to bring her talents to Majestic Trees, where she now organises all our scheduling, liaises with customers on a daily basis and provides versatile practical support to a wide range of projects as the need arises. Totally dedicated to customer service with a nothing is too much trouble attitude, Katrina is very efficient, logical, great at problem solving and always thinking outside the box.

William Tudway

William Tudway – Logistic and Planting Support

William’s employment at Majestic Trees started as a Saturday job whilst he was finishing his A-levels, washing and greasing all the machinery and trucks. After his graduation in May 2019, he joined us full time, working mainly in the Planting & Logistics team but also providing support to the Nursery team when needed. He is a hardworking member of the team who enjoys practical, outdoor work, especially anything where heavy machinery is involved.

Dean Mayo

Dean Mayo – Horticulturist/Planter, HGV2

After watching our team delivering trees to show gardens at RHS Hampton Court, Dean enquired and thereafter joined us in 2019, motivated by a desire to develop a professional specialism in trees. With over 15 years in the garden maintenance and landscaping sector, including six years at Royal Botanical Gardens Kew, he was an ideal candidate for our planting team. He comes to us with glowing references, and is a very able and hardworking horticulturist. We are delighted to have him on board.

Michael Flemons

Michael Flemons – Planter, HGV2

Michael has been with us since the spring of 2019 having done tree surgery work for many years. He joined us initially as a temp, but was attracted by the prospect of working for a dynamic and growing company and soon expressed an interest in joining us permanently as a member of the planting team. He quickly fit in, and has a ‘do whatever it takes’ attitude, with a good work ethic and a happy deposition that makes the day fly by for his team mates.

Viktor Butenschön

Viktor Butenschön – LGV/Nurseryman

Viktor is an experienced nurseryman, who grew up on his father’s nursery in northern Germany, getting the bug at an early age. Following a 3 year apprenticeship at one of the best in ground production tree nurseries, he applied to work for Majestic Trees, as he, like so many other European nurserypersons who have work here, are fascinated at the full range of services that we offer. Not only is he a very good nurseryman, but he is a very able machine driver.

Peter Kennett

Peter Kennett – Planting Team

Peter joined us in 2020, and has quickly proven himself as someone you want on your team. Having completed his BA in Business and Marketing from Sheffield University, he found that working in an office environment was not for him. Having worked in garden centres whilst at university, so we were very pleased when he decided to follow in his father footsteps and come to work at Majestic Trees. Before very long he had quickly fit into the team, becoming a valued colleague for his hard work and great attitude.

Daniel Batchelor

Daniel Batchelor – Logistics Support

Daniel is following in his father footsteps, who had joined our company in the early days of 2003, and is still running a planting crew. Now his son works on the nursery and in the yard pulling trees, preparing them for planting, and loading the trucks and equipment needed for each job. Daniel has a positive, can do attitude, is willing to do whatever it takes to deliver on our promises, and always with a smile on his face.