About Air-Pots

The Air-Pot is a proven, revolutionary growing system which overcomes the root-spiralling problem of conventional container grown production. It is a truly ingenious design solution: simply a sleeve of recycled and recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) that is textured like an egg carton, with small holes at the tip of each cone.

As the outward growing root tips reach the boundaries of the Air-Pot, the egg carton-like cones funnel the roots’ growth towards the holes, where the tips eventually dehydrate upon exposure to the air. The effect is a constant, gentle root pruning which stimulates the root system to send out lots of lateral roots, similar to pruning the branches of a shrub.

Over time (very little in our experience!) this process produces a highly robust, densely fibrous root system composed of thousands of water absorbing white tip roots. This abundance of white root tips is the revolutionary part of this production system. Whilst trees can conduct water through their entire root system, they can only absorb water through the tiny white root tips at the ends of each root, and water absorption is operation critical for a successful transplant. With such a robust root system, Air-Pot trees can be planted any time of year with a virtual 100% success rate; are the fastest and easiest trees to establish, and develop into far superior specimens over time.