Aftercare Requirements

Trees are amongst the most beautiful of garden ornaments, but they are also living things which will need care from time to time in order to establish well and flourish in the years to come. Your advisor will talk through any care requirements specific to the varieties you choose, but below is an overview of the care all of our trees will require.

Fortunately, trees are fairly independent creatures so we hope you won’t find their needs particularly demanding. However, for added reassurance, we offer a range of services with increasing levels of aftercare support built into the accompanying warranty. So, for example, if you are a very experienced professional groundsman, you may opt for a supply only service and take responsibility for all aftercare requirements, whereas if you are a novice with limited time to tend your trees, you may prefer to opt for our delivery, planting and aftercare package which transfers the bulk of the aftercare responsibility to us. We can also install fairly inexpensive automatic watering systems at time of planting for added peace of mind.

We’ve outlined how aftercare responsibility varies by warranty type below. You can read more about our warranties on our About Warranties page.

Aftercare Responsibility by Warranty Type

Aftercare required
for success of planted trees.
Responsibility for Aftercare
by Warranty type
  Supply Warranty (included on all orders) Establishment Warranty (included on all Majestic planting jobs) Site Suitability Warranty* (included with all site consultation orders) Comprehensive Aftercare Warranty (2 or 3 year options)
Selection of specimen in good health and true to type Majestic Majestic Majestic Majestic
Correct choice/siting of tree for site conditions* Customer Customer Majestic* Customer
Adherance to good planting practice with suitable anchoring Customer Majestic - Majestic
Regular maintenance watering for up to three growing seasons Customer Customer - Customer
Monthly tree inspection in growing season Customer Customer - Majestic
Annual Fertiliser and mycorrhizae treatment Customer Customer - Majestic
Pest and disease control as required Customer Customer - Majestic
Formative pruning Customer Customer - Majestic
Maintenance of tree stakes andties (2 –3 years) Customer Customer - Majestic
Removal of tree stakes once established Customer Customer - Majestic
* guarantee does not cover conditions which are not readily apparent at time of site visit, unless clearly described by customer and documented on the order i.e. Seasonal water-logging.