Delivery & Planting

We are very pleased for you to collect, deliver your trees to site, or even provide our ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service, but to see what is involved in planting our large trees take a quick peak at this video to see what services we can offer.

When it comes to buying trees, it’s never too soon to start planning for their arrival. In fact, this is one of the first things an advisor will want to discuss if you make an enquiry. Why? because it helps to establish the optimum size range of specimens for your particular planting circumstances. At Majestic, we can overcome most access issues, but why complicate matters unnecessarily if a smaller specimen will absolutely achieve all your objectives? And why make life difficult if there is plenty of access for one of our state-ofthe-art machines to nip in and make light work of it all?

For those who like the logistics of a project, we’ve outlined some of the main considerations below. Rather leave the practicalities to us? No problem, we don’t mind in the least. Our advisors will be happy to work out all the planting logistics as your enquiry progresses.

  • Delivery Options

    Our experienced team can provide a tailored service.

  • Planting Services

    to suit both commercial and private projects.

  • Collecting from the Nursery

    what you need to know.

  • Access Considerations

    why they’re important.

  • Finish Options

    it’s all in the detail.

  • Planting it Yourself?

    View or download a Planting Guide.


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