Trees, being living things, depend on appropriate aftercare to succeed. In this sense, it is understandable why so few nurseries are prepared to offer any sort of guarantee of establishment on their stock.

We feel differently at Majestic Trees. Whilst it is true that many aspects of aftercare are beyond our control, we also know our trees to be sturdy and resilient and fairly easy to establish with reasonable care. We also appreciate that the decision to plant mature trees represents a significant investment for most people, and that they will understandably wish to mitigate the risk of failure. Our solution to that dilemma has been to provide a range of services and warranties which enable our customers to choose the level of aftercare responsibility (and therefore risk) they wish to assume.

Here are the three types of warranties we provide, and the conditions under which we are able to provide them:

Supply Warranty

If Majestic Trees does not plant the tree(s), the only warranty offered is a guarantee that the stock was supplied structurally sound, has a good root system, is in good health, and true-to-type. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the stock on arrival and all claims or concerns must be notified immediately and to ensure no misunderstandings in writing within 48 hours of delivery. We will investigate any complaints in good faith, and replace/refund in cases where legitimate problems are found. The cost of this limited warranty is included in the price of the tree(s). If we provided our ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service, your trees are covered by our supply warranty.

Please see below for conditions.

Establishment Warranty

If Majestic Trees supplies and plants the tree(s), a one year Establishment Warranty is offered, subject to certain conditions including provision of correct aftercare by the customer as outlined on reverse. If we are simply providing our ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service there is no Establishment Warranty. If the customer provides labour to work alongside our team, but does not complete the work to our standard, or requests that we use materials not of our choosing, any losses which occur as a result of this will not be covered. Care includes adequate and not excessive watering, pest and disease control, timely fertilisation as required and maintenance of tree support systems, etc. after the tree is planted. Advice and instructions can be found on our website, in our sales confirmation documents, and by telephoning the nursery for advice. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact us if the tree appears to be struggling so the problem can be identified and rectified. The Establishment Warranty does not cover ‘Act of God’ events such as high winds, flooding, or subzero temperatures below those normal for the British climatic zone (-5 Celsius), or damage done by ‘others’ either maliciously or accidentally. Some home and contents insurance policies provide cover for landscaping and trees so you may wish to review your cover to further safeguard your investment

Please see below for conditions.

Comprehensive ‘AfterCare’ Warranty

For complete peace of mind a comprehensive 'AfterCare' warranty is included when you contract our ‘AfterCare’ Service. If you purchase our ‘AfterCare’ Service, in the year that your tree(s) was planted, then your tree(s) is covered by the service/warranty in its first year and the Establishment Warranty is extended to cover the second year of your tree(s) – effectively providing you with a two-year warranty. With this service the trees are inspected and cared for monthly during the growing season by a Majestic Trees horticulturist. The ‘AfterCare’ Warranty provides for the replacement of any tree that fails unless you do not follow the watering instructions, as Majestic Trees will provide pest and disease control, pruning, maintenance of stakes/strapping/ Platipus systems, etc.. Please be advised that this ‘AfterCare’ Service is not a watering service. It does remain your responsibility to ensure adequate watering arrangements are in place at time of planting, and in between subsequent ‘AfterCare’ visits. We can advise you on what is required, and install basic irrigation if necessary. Failure to provide adequate watering facilities, or comply with watering instructions provided in your monthly report may be grounds for invalidation of your warranty. The monthly report will be completed at the time of the inspection, which if followed ensures that your tree(s) is fully warranted. us once they have left our hands, we give no warranty, expressed or implied except for that stated under the ‘Warranty’ section, as to the growth or suitability of the plants to their ultimate location, after acceptance of delivery or collection. Any trees or plant material that is unacceptable must be rejected at the time of delivery or alternative arrangements made with the office. Failure to do so will deem those goods as being accepted by the customer.


  • None of these warranties cover accidental or malicious damage, vandalism, and/or failure by client, his employees/staff or subcontractors to provide the correct amount of water and care to the tree during the course of the warranty period. Acts of God such as storm, excessive wind, flooding, drought, frost damage, snow damage and the like are not covered by the warranty.
  • If a tree should fail and it is agreed that Majestic is responsible for its replacement, we agree to do our utmost to replace the tree with the same type and size as originally ordered. However, in certain cases, exact replacements may not be possible, in which case you will be notified and an agreement made regarding an alternative choice. The warranty is also based on unchanged access/delivery, otherwise any additional costs for extra labour, heavy lifting equipment such as cranes not required previously will be the customers; eg if further building works has blocked the access route previously used such as a new garage. We will also take away the original tree and replant the new tree at no further charge, subject to unchanged access. However, in the event that a tree is replaced, the warranty is not extended, but continues and expires in due course as if the tree had never been changed.
  • Majestic Trees cannot provide a warranty on a tree that is selected by the customer or the customer’s agent that is unsuitable for the soil, location or conditions where the tree is planted.
  • There is no warranty where the customer and/or customer’s subcontractors plant the rootball material deeper than originally planted or increase the soil depth round the trunks of the tree after planting as this will most likely cause tree failure.
  • At no time will Majestic Trees be responsible for more than the value and size of the original tree and delivery. If neither party can agree, an independent arbitrator who is mutually acceptable will rule on liability.
  • All ‘sale’ items are sold ‘as is’ and there is no warranty expressed or implied. No returns are possible once the sale has been completed by the exchange of invoice and payment.
  • In the unfortunate occurrence that the client’s property is damaged during the delivery and/or planting due to no fault of the customer, their staff, agent, contractor etc., Majestic Trees will either repair or pay for the repair of the damaged item to an acceptable standard or agree an acceptable financial rebate that is deemed reasonable to cover cost of repair. However, any damage done as a result of customer, their staff, agent, contractor etc., directing our vehicles, equipment etc onto their property, failing to disclose manholes, culverts, or cattle grids not built to carry our equipment etc., are not reimbursable.  Furthermore, if property is already damaged by others, we will never be responsible for the damage previously done by others. We reserve the right to request multiple quotes for repairs and to select the contractor of our choosing or even to repair the damage ourselves.

Below is a comparison of the aftercare responsibility required for each warranty type.

Aftercare Responsibility by Warranty Type

Aftercare required
for success of planted trees.
Responsibility for Aftercare
by Warranty type
  Supply Warranty (included on all orders) Establishment Warranty (included on all Majestic planting jobs) Site Suitability Warranty* (included with all site consultation orders) Comprehensive Aftercare Warranty (2 or 3 year options)
Selection of specimen in good health and true to type Majestic Majestic Majestic Majestic
Correct choice/siting of tree for site conditions* Customer Customer Majestic* Customer
Adherance to good planting practice with suitable anchoring Customer Majestic - Majestic
Regular maintenance watering for up to three growing seasons Customer Customer - Customer
Monthly tree inspection in growing season Customer Customer - Majestic
Annual Fertiliser and mycorrhizae treatment Customer Customer - Majestic
Pest and disease control as required Customer Customer - Majestic
Formative pruning Customer Customer - Majestic
Maintenance of tree stakes andties (2 –3 years) Customer Customer - Majestic
Removal of tree stakes once established Customer Customer - Majestic
* guarantee does not cover conditions which are not readily apparent at time of site visit, unless clearly described by customer and documented on the order i.e. Seasonal water-logging.