Delivery to Tree Pit Service

 Our ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ Service evolved naturally to meet the needs of professional contractors and designers who often have experienced landscaping teams already on a project site but wish to avail of our specialist handlers and equipment in order to quickly and safely get larger trees offloaded and positioned into their respective planting pits.  The service includes:  

  • Delivery to site
  • Offload and positioning of tree into tree pit prepared to specification by the customer by prior arrangement
  • Staking/anchoring with Platipus if required
  • Backfilling if required
  • Coverage for any damage/breakage to the trees during the offload and positioning process (some breakage of smaller branches is inevitable and should be expected)

 (Note:  it is critical for this service that all tree pits are prepared to the agreed specification prior to our arrival.  Failure to do so may result in additional costs).   

 This service has become very popular, particularly for very mature specimens which are both extremely heavy and extremely fragile.