Delivery Options

Mature trees are not only heavy but extremely fragile, so to ensure our customers’ orders arrive in top condition, we deliver our trees personally, nationwide, using our own fleet and specialist equipment.

This means we can also offer a customised delivery service to suit the needs of each customer, from landscape contractor to elderly homeowner.

Your advisor will help you plan for your trees’ arrival when the time comes. Meanwhile, here is an overview to get you started.

Of course, we also offer a complete spectrum of planting services, which you can learn more about here.

  • Kerbside delivery - customer provides the man or machine power to offload from lorry.
  • Delivery with offload - the Majestic team carries offloading equipment on board so that the trees can be safely offloaded from the lorry to a position near the front of the property.
  • Delivery to planting area - the Majestic team provides appropriate man and/or machine power to get the trees from the lorry to the site of planting, according to the customer's specification.  This may include traversing patios, steps, or lawns and is particularly useful for those with difficult access conditions, or who lack the specialist equipment necessary to move very large stock.  A key aspect of this service is that Majestic assumes liability for any damage to the stock until it is safely set down in the designated position.  We can also go a step further and set the trees into the actual planting pits, provided these have been prepared ahead (see ‘Delivery to Tree Pit service’ below). 
  • ‘Delivery to Tree Pit’ service – This award-winning service is ideal for experienced landscapers who already have a team on site and all the standard machinery for preparing tree pits and backfilling.   The Majestic team deliver and place the trees into pre-prepared pits using our specialist lifting machinery, with a key aspect of this service being that Majestic retains all responsibility for any damage to the trees which may be incurred during the unloading and positioning process.   Staking/installing platipus anchors is an optional extra. You can read more about this speciality service here.
  • Delivery with full planting - the Majestic team provides all appropriate supplies, manpower, and machinery to offload, plant, and anchor trees, completing the planting to the highest standard of finish. All trees which we have planted carry a one year establishment guarantee.  You can learn more about our planting services here, and more about our warranties and guarantees here.

Our standard lead time for delivery is within 2 weeks of order confirmation(sometimes 3 weeks during peak periods). You will be advised of current lead times when placing your order. If you don’t require urgent delivery, you may wish to avail of our Green Rate option (see ‘Delivery costs' below).

Delivery costs vary by distance, size of order, equipment needed to offload, and your own flexibility with scheduling. You can obtain a rough estimate by entering your postcode in the delivery cost estimator in your basket. Your advisor will provide a firm quote as your order begins to take shape, but it’s worth bearing in mind these two factors:

1. Urgency:
 To help minimize costs to you, (and do our part for the environment!), we offer two rates of delivery: Standard and Green Rate.

  Standard Rate delivery will prioritise delivery of your order within two to three weeks.

  Green Rate delivery is a discounted service available for those in a position to wait for their trees until we are next in the area. If you have booked at Green Rate, you can upgrade to Standard Rate at anytime to prioritise scheduling of your order.

2. Size of stock:
Generally speaking, delivery costs for stock with pot sizes of 160 litres or less will fall towards the lower end of the range, and those exceeding 160 litres (which will require an HGV) will push delivery costs towards the top end of the range.

We maintain an extensive fleet, including a range of specialist planting machinery. For more information on what vehicles and machinery we are able to bring to site, please visit our Fleet and Planting Equipment Page

It’s important to assess the access conditions to your proposed planting position as this will impact on the size of vehicles we can use to deliver your trees and the planting machinery which will be practical to use to offload and position them. Your advisor will talk all this through with you, but meanwhile the independently minded can read more about access considerations on the Access Considerations page.