Contract Grow

Over the past 10 years it has become accepted industry practice to contract grow trees which are required for major commercial landscape projects. There are many reasons that landscape designers and landscape contractors do this, and the same reasons ring true not only for commercial projects, but for large residential landscape projects, estate gardens, or any project which calls for unusual, multiple or character trees.  Some of these reasons are:

  • Commercial projects typically have long lead times and uncertain completion dates. By contract growing, the landscape architect, developer or owner can be sure of excellent quality stock brought on to their planned specification and stabilised in AirPots, which will tolerate planting right through the summer should there be any delays on site. The same assurance can be critical for a private job, especially when no detail can be left to chance.
  • It is often that case that mature trees which have been specified in a design are not freely or reliably available on the open market, which can lead to last minute substitutions that significantly compromise the design. Securing the stock early, and bringing it on to specifications if necessary, protects those key design elements which are crucial to the success of a project. 
  • A fixed price will be agreed for the finished tree(s) at the agreed delivery date, with no inflation factor to consider. At the point of contract there will be an agreed latest date for delivery after which additional pre-agreed maintenance costs will be incurred should the project have delays.  
  • Airpot-grown trees guarantee a far superior establishment on site, dramatically reducing the possibility of tree failure or poor crown leaf-out in their first season as is typical when using rootballed trees or other types of container grown trees.
  • During project planning and any required environmental impact report, demonstrating early commitment to a landscape plan, including a commitment to tree procurement and advance purchasing, strengthens the environmental credentials of the plan and is often a criteria in obtaining planning permission.

If you feel a contract grow arrangement would be beneficial to your project and would like to discuss the possibilities, please speak to a member of the sales team on 01582 843881 or