AfterCare Services

Trees, being living things, need appropriate aftercare if they are to survive and flourish. How much of this aftercare you, the customer, wish to provide personally will likely depend on your level of interest and expertise, your budget, and your attitude towards risk.

If you are (or employ) a professional gardener, or are a willing hobby gardener, accustomed to caring for the plants in your garden, you will no doubt be very capable of providing the aftercare your trees will require. If gardening is not your thing, however, and you would prefer to leave the aftercare to a professional, then our AfterCare service is the option for you.

Our AfterCare service can be contracted either on a contractual or ad hoc ‘as required’ basis.

When booked as an annual subscription, the service includes monthly visits throughout the growing season (April through October), and carries with it the additional benefit of a warranty against failure throughout the entire calendar year.

Single visits are offered for those with a particular concern or maintenance requirement. They are charged at a slightly higher per-visit rate and do not include any warranty. Regardless of whether your visit is made as part of an annual subscription, or a one-off request, your trees will receive a full health check. The visit will be undertaken by a fully trained horticulturalist who will inspect each tree we have planted, spray for any pest or diseases, fertilise as needed, inject the roots with mycorrhizae and other stimulants as required, prune as needed and carry out minor emergency watering. Furthermore, a report will be issued on how each tree is doing and what watering, etc. you need to do over the next month. Our aftercare service is supported by our fully equipped custom-built small truck that includes built in multiple tanks with pumps for drenching, spraying and injection equipment.


Important Notes:

  • Our AfterCare service is only offered for trees we have supplied. We are not able to check your complete garden, and it is not an arboricultural service, which typically involves tree climbing, diagnostics, bracing, etc of old mature trees. The AfterCare service fees do not include any tree climbing, crown reduction or major pruning, except what is necessary for the health of your newly planted tree(s). All pruning is based on what is possible by hand or telescopic pole pruner on a step ladder as we are not insured for tree climbing. If you are interested in an aftercare service for your old mature trees and do not already have an experienced arborist you consult, please feel free to either consult the Arboriculture Association website for a local qualified arborist member near you (, or call our office for a list of contacts.
  • Our AfterCare service is not a watering service: only emergency watering is included. If your service call is part of an annual subscription, and our horticulturalist finds the tree(s) obviously being neglected, your subscription warranty benefit may be suspended until the visiting horticulturalist feels that timely and proper watering is being provided and that no long term negative effects have resulted. Under some circumstances, it is possible that only a limited warranty will be reinstated if, for example, the horticulturist feels that partial crown dieback/death has occurred as a result.
  • AfterCare service visits are scheduled on a regular rota in advance, so it may not be possible to reschedule visits on short notice, due to the schedule being very full and geographically sensitive. The service will be every 4-5 weeks, and will include 6 visits over the 27 week period.
  • Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.