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Our website is intended to facilitate communication between advisors and customers, not replace it. We are not a ‘virtual’ nursery nor have we followed the lead of so many nurseries who have no or at best a very small advice teams as they sell on-line, and have deliberately not made ‘TreeFinder’ into an on-line shop, as we believe that trees, especially larger specimens, can be a complicated purchase. We highly recommend speaking with one of our horticultural advisor at some point in the process, just to be sure things go smoothly; it is a purchase that can last a life time. Here are a few ways to do that


Our team of eight horticultural advisors are available for enquiries during opening hours by phone, email or in person at our Visitors Advice Centre at the nursery. Their advice is offered free of charge on a first come, first served basis, though there is always much to see while you are waiting. Please be aware that Saturdays can get very busy (especially as five of the team work on a rotation alternating Saturdays) so one-to-one time with advisors may be limited. Please also be aware that at incredibly busy times the phone can ring off the hook, and you may end up leaving a message even with at least 12 of our team in the office!  We do pick these messages up, but, if swamped with a tidal wave of customers, it may be the following business day before we get back to you. Please forgive us if this happens but, as we give such hands on personal service, it is difficult to keep up during peak periods -- even with the biggest horticultural advice team in the industry!

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If you feel that you need advice which will require that you spend more than a few minutes with one of our horticultural advisors, you can schedule an appointment at our nursery, Monday through Friday, though they are not required.  If you wish, you can talk through your requirements in advance by contacting one of our advisors directly and arrange an optimal time for your visit. Please note that due to the volume of potential customers we are unable to schedule appointments on a Saturday.  Saturday consultations are on a  first-come, first-served basis using a  ‘Sign up Waiting List’ on your arrival where you put your name and mobile number down, then begin to explore the nursery on your own, until contacted by the first available advisor

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For the majority of planting projects, a complimentary nursery consultation with one of our advisors is all that is required. Your advisor can coach you ahead of your visit on useful photos and/or video and key measurements we need so you come prepared, or you can email them for advice. This information, when combined with Google Earth and Street View, can in 99% of cases tell us as much we need to know regarding location, access and parking.

If, once you have submitted photographs/video and the various other information required and have received advice you still feel unsure, we do offer site visit consultations. Should you request on-site consultation, one of our design advisors will meet you at your proposed planting site and talk through your requirements, taking further digital photographs and measurements as required, discussing in depth what you are trying to achieve to ensure we fully understand your desired outcomes. You will then be invited to the nursery to review our recommendations (or receive these by post/email if preferred). The proposal will be comprised of a list of suggested trees and recommended planting positions, with a general indication of planting costs involved (final planting quote will depend on the final tree selection). The fee for on-site consultation is £75/hour spent on site + mileage at 50p per mile plus £20 travel time per hour if over one hour from our nursery site and if we are unable to combine your visit with another visit in the same direction.*

Please note, that during peak periods there may be a 3-4 week delay for on-site visits, so starting with our free advice service is always wise, even if a possible visit date has been pencilled in. Nine times out of ten your questions can be resolved by phone or email, as long as we are given sufficient photos and information; so it is always wise to try this first.

*A surcharge for travel time may apply to some London areas due to congestion zone charges, parking charges, etc. Long haul addresses, such as Scotland, Cornwall, Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, etc or outside the UK, are at an extra charge as we will need to cover additional hours traveling as well as flight or train and taxi travel costs. Provision of drawings, formal planting plans, etc. are NOT included in this fee, but can usually be supplied if required on a price-on-application basis. Higher fees may apply for consultation on very large projects or commercial work, depending on the level of involvement required.

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