Our Trees

With trees on our nursery that are as old as 50 years, it’s obvious we don’t propagate from seedlings. Instead, we source our stock at a more mature age, availing of the opportunity to cherry pick the best stock on the market as we explore literally hundreds of the smallest and best nurseries across Europe. 

Over time, we have built longstanding relationships with an extensive range of growers all over Europe who we trust, spending months traveling and hand selecting tree stock to grow on, only sourcing our trees from nurseries that regularly undercut their field grown stock to promote strong root formation, who regularly prune to ensure excellent crown development and are vigilant in their pest and disease control. 

We bring in our new stock every winter, growing on the new trees in Air-Pots and investing a lot of time and expertise on each tree until each one meets the high standards of a Majestic Tree. The investment is considerable, with a carefully managed regime of watering, pest and disease control, formative pruning and potting on. Some of the new arrivals will leave the nursery within a season or two whilst others will remain in a rolling cycle of production, quietly gaining grandeur as the years pass.

Our commitment to quality has brought our nursery national and international recognition, so we’re able to confidently encourage you to shop around. Before you do that, however, we’d urge you to first visit our READ UP info hub, where you will find all the information you need to become a discerning tree buyer (our favourite kind of customer).

We not only grow and sell 4 year old trees, but have many fantastic specimens such as this 40 year old Acer palmatum that Maria, our Pruning and Stock Control Manager has been developing.