Our Nursery

Our twenty-seven acre visitor friendly nursery is located at the edge of the picturesque village of Flamstead in Hertfordshire, easily accessible from Junction 9 of the M1. We are unique amongst UK specimen tree nurseries in that we welcome nursery visitors with or without an appointment, allowing them to browse our tree lines independently if they so desire.

There is no better way to shop for trees than to visit the Majestic Trees nursery. Prepare to be inspired! We have extended the original footprint several times, in order to accommodate our ever expanding range, which currently stands in excess of 13,000 trees and shrubs arranged in an assortment of over 500 varieties.

Our range includes young trees (just tall enough to walk under), moderately sized specimens and very mature character specimens, Japanese maples, fruit trees, screening trees and hedging of a substantial enough size to provide instant impact. In 2017 we opened the doors to our new Visitors Advice Centre: a hub for advice, ideas and learning, not to mention refuge from the often uncooperative English weather!

Make no mistake, however: we may have good coffee, but we are no garden centre. This is a fully operational production nursery, so expect to see heavy machinery in action, pruning and potting work going on and, yes, lots of mud. Sturdy footwear, warm attire and high vis vests are the order of the day, which all rather adds to the experience.

Read more about visiting the nursery, including tips on how to make the most of your visit.