Planting It Yourself

If you’re intending to plant your tree(s) yourself, then please do ensure you plant them correctly. It’s a big investment –in effort as well as cost- so the last thing anybody wants is a disappointing result. Planning is everything, so we’d encourage you to download these two guides:

Planning for Planting Guide 

This will give an overview of all the aspects that need prior consideration so the project goes smoothly.

Planting Guide 

This is a Step-by-Step guide on the actual planting process.

A few key things to remember are:

  • Be sure the tree is anchored securely. If it rocks in the wind it will not establish;
  • Be sure the tree is not planted too deeply. If soil sits against the bark the moisture will rot the trunk;
  • Do not remove the wire net or try to tease roots from the rootball. The wire net will naturally deteriorate;
  • Be sure you have an efficient means of watering the tree in place before you plant. The tree will require frequent watering until it establishes;
  • Be sure you have the manpower to manoeuvre the trees into position. Trees with pot sizes greater than 85 litres are generally too heavy for a nonprofessional to manage.

Unfortunately we can’t guarantee establishment of trees we haven’t planted, but we are very happy to provide advice and recommend the right planting supplies, which can be delivered with your tree.