Find Trees

Ready to start selecting some trees? Fantastic. We can highly recommend Treefinder as a great place to start, where you can view our considerable stock availability dynamically in the conventional online shopping way. Of course, when working outdoors, there are still occasions when a good old fashioned stock list and a pen work best, so you’ll find those below too. Prefer the completely analog approach? Then by all means head straight for the nursery where you’ll be greeted by friendly, knowledgable people and be able to view and select every tree in person.

  • Search Treefinder

    Instantly browse our thousands of trees using Treefinders’ powerful search filters.

  • View Stocklists

    View or download current availability lists for quick reference or offline use.

  • Visit the Nursery

    Select your trees in person with a visit to our twenty-seven acre nursery.

  • Choosing Specimens of Optimal Size

    Streamline your search by working out your optimal size range right from the start.

  • Consider Aftercare

    Your trees will need good aftercare to thrive; learn what’s entailed.

  • Help with Technical Terms

    Bewildered by the specifications? Visit our Read Up hub page for help.


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