The Fleet & Machines

Having our own in-house planting department means that those with little interest in the logistical side of things can simply leave all that to their advisor to arrange. For those who are interested in the practicalities, we hope you will find the information on this page reassuring. Why? Because, being practically minded by nature, you are no doubt already wondering how on earth you’re going to get these trees home and into the ground. You’ll especially be mulling that one over if you happen to be aware that it is customary for nurseries to provide kerbside delivery only, offloading and planting arrangements being the remit of the recipient to arrange. Yep. Exactly.

In our experience, kerbside delivery only works for very young stock. It can be extremely difficult to ‘third-party source’ the necessary expertise and equipment to safely offload and position specimen trees. Even if suitable support can be found, it is unlikely the third-party contractor will be willing to cover costs of any damage that may occur in the process. We want our customers to be delighted with their investment with no disappointing mishaps, so as part of our business model, we have always ensured we have the capability to deliver, offload and plant every tree available for sale on our nursery. Over time that has led to Majestic Trees becoming the best equipped tree nursery in the UK, with a wide range of highly sophisticated equipment at our disposal, much of which has been customised for installation of large trees. This allows us to offer a completely bespoke level of service, from complete planting to setting into pre-prepared holes to delivery only. Reassuring? We hope so.