Engaging a Specialist

Laboratory Diagnostic Services

If any of your trees, young or old, begin to show signs of ill health and you’re not sure why, instead of engaging an arboriculturalist, you may wish to first send either leaf, branch or soil samples to one of the following organisations for analysis.  Charges do apply, but in most cases it is well worth the investment.

Basic soil analysis:

RHS Soil Analysis Service. The RHS offer an economical, basic soil analysis service which provides an analysis of soil texture, pH, organic matter and three major plant nutrients (potassium, phosphorus and magnesium) for gardeners. Please note the service only analyses for nutrients and does not screen for potential contaminants.

More advanced analytical services:

Bartlett Tree Experts (Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories). Bartlett Tree Experts are an international provider of a comprehensive range of tree care and management services. Their in-house laboratory provides analytical support both for their own specialists and also directly to individuals in need of advanced plant, disease, pest and soil analysis.