Pest Control

It is important to remember your trees are living things which will be joining the ecosystem of your landscape. Aphid infestations, fungal leaf spots, mildews, etc. are common and natural, particularly in fruit trees and in deciduous trees in general towards the end of the summer. A certain amount of tolerance will allow your trees to play their natural role in promoting biodiversity. If, however, the problem is spoiling your enjoyment of the trees, or threatening permanent disfigurement, you may need to apply a pesticide/fungicide.

Unfortunately, most of the pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that we use commercially at Majestic aren’t available from garden centres. A reasonable alternative can usually be found, which will be better suited for use in a domestic garden or public space at any rate. If a satisfactory ‘over the counter’ solution cannot be found, we do offer pesticide application through our AfterCare service, however do remember that many pest control problems will need repeated and regular spraying which must be done during optimal weather conditions, sometimes more often than every two weeks, until the problem is resolved.