Checking Stakes and Guards

The stakes and/or Platipus anchors installed with your trees at planting have a vital role to play in their establishment. It is crucial the trees don't rock in the wind as this prevent fragile new roots from growing into the surrounding soil.

Maintaining stake systems

Check your stakes regularly to be sure they are firm and the ties are holding the trees snugly in the correct position. If the stakes feel loose, hammer them in more deeply or reposition if necessary. If the ties begin to slacken, loosen them from the nails, stretch and reaffix. (Contact us if you have difficulties). Stakes can normally be removed after two full growing seasons, but make sure the tree is well-rooted before pulling them out. Beware of leaving the stakes indefinitely as this can eventually choke the tree or at best leave a compression mark on the bark.

Maintaining Platipus systems

Platipus anchors occasionally need further maintenance after the first high winds. A crack appearing between the rootball and the surrounding garden soil is a sign your anchoring system may be loose, and if the tree is moving in the wind it may need tightening up. However, don't be alarmed unless it has shifted and is slightly crooked, as minor movement in the rootball may not need any remedial action. If a Platipus overhead guying was used, it can also be tightened up by rotating the ratchets using a special tool. Adjustments to Platipus anchors usually require a service call.