What’s that? You’re not sure what the difference is between Architectural and Formal? Well, brave soul, there are many who are glad you asked, to be sure.

Simply put, Architectural is the new Formal. It’s about using all those classic formal shapes but in a new fusion way which blends languid (or exuberant!) informality and formal design. Adding punctuations of formality and contour to an otherwise very free-spirited garden not only provides a playful contrast in summer, it provides a clever way to overcome that ‘party’s over’ let down you so often get from an informal garden come winter, maintaining beauty and composition long after all the flowers have gone to bed with a hangover.

Many varieties can provide architectural backbone to a scheme, ranging from traditional topiary shapes to trees with strong and uniform natural forms to dramatic amorphic show stoppers which provide sculptural focal points. It really is all about how you use them, but here are some of our favourites when it comes to creating architectural flair.